10 Best Wireless Finders 01: Key Finder, Wallet Locator, Dog Tracker

Key Finders are Wireless/Bluetooth GPS tracking devices that help track your Keys, Wallets, and Remotes. Attach the Key Finder to your Keys/Remotes/Wallets and track them from your Mobile phone.

Busy with our daily life, we forget many things in which some things are precious, and some are costly. Few of the most common things that we forget is; Key Chains: We put our Keys (Car Keys) at different places in the house/home, and we often tend to forget where we put them. We even lose them sometimes.

Mobile Phones: Yeah! Mobile phones are probably the most common and costliest of all that you often forget. We either lose it by misplacing or when someone steals it. Wallets/Purses: When you lose your wallet or Purse, it is probably the worst day of yours because, all the Bank cards, Business Cards, Liquid Cash, Government IDs, Photos and such. There are several such items that we lose or forget including our Pet, Luggage, etc. If you do come under the category, then what must do to help find the lost or stolen or misplaced items is to purchase Key Finders.

Key Finders are GPS Tracking devices that are the size of a Pendrive and are integrated with decent tech that links up with your mobile phone or PC. All you need to do is to tag the item with the finder gadget and by doing so, whenever you lose or misplace any of the tagged items, you can easily find it with the help of your Phone or PC. If you have lost your Phone or PC itself, you can still locate them using the Finder gadget.

Top 10 Best Key Finder Gadgets

Key Finders are Wireless/Bluetooth GPS tracking devices that help track your Keys, Wallets, and Remotes. Attach the Key Finder to your Keys/Remotes/Wallets and track them from your Mobile phone.

1 Tile (Gen 2) Check Price
2 Pebblebee Honey Check Price
3 TrackR Bravo Check Price
4 iHere 3.0 Check Price
5 Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 Check Price
6 Magicfly Wireless RF Key Finder Check Price
7 WTR Key Finder Check Price
8 iKee - Bluetooth Smart Finder
9 JTD Wireless RF Item Locator/Key Finder Check Price
10 Click 'n Dig E4 Key Finder Check Price

If you are not familiar with what to purchase and how a device you purchase works, don’t you worry! We are here to suggest you the best Finder gadgets and how they work.

1. Tile (Gen 2)

The Tile Gadget/Key Finder is one of the best gadgets that is available in the market today if used well. The Tile Gen 2 is an extremely lite tag that can be used to stick to your Laptop, PC, Mobile Phone or simply put it in your Wallet, Purse or fix it to your Key Chain, your Pet or your Bike.

With a lot of features, Tile Gen 2 is most certainly one of the best gadget finders. When you misplace an item, you can track it with the help of integrated App which stores all the local data. In case if you have lost an item or someone stole it, then they won’t probably be flying around you which makes it hard for you to find your item. But, if you are using Tile, then you can simply login into the Tile app and mark your device with the tag as Lost or Stolen.

Check Price

By marking your Tag as stolen or Lost, the system alerts all the Tiles in alert and when your item/device tagged with Tile comes closer to any of the Tile users, then automatically the whereabout data is sent to Tile cloud server from where the owner will be getting a notification on the location.

With long battery durability, Tile is simply the most awesome gadget you can have for yourself if you are looking to purchase a great gadget finder.

Also, you can reverse trigger your mobile device by double pressing the button on Tile. This will make your mobile device to ring for a certain amount of time which can help you track the device by then.

The best part of Tile is, you can purchase the Tile for cheap when you make the purchase in bulk. As they offer huge discounts on bulk purchases, I would recommend you to go with it.

2. Pebblebee Honey

The Pebblebee Honey item finder is another gadget finder that is extremely good a locating the misplaced items and lost items. With its highly sophisticated app, all the data is integrated thoroughly and it is very easy to set up.

Check Price

The Pebblebee Honey is described to have a battery fuel for around 3 years and a long-range connectivity of about 150 ft. The automatic alarm trigger when the mobile device and the tag are separated by a set distance and the LED light that help itself discover-able in the dark places and many such features make Pebblebee Honey one of the best gadget finders we recommend.

The Pebblebee Honey can also be connected to your mobile phone and can be used as a trigger to help capture photos and start or stop recording videos.

3. TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo is yet another Wireless gadget Finder device which help track the devices or items that are lost or misplaced with the assistance of Bluetooth connectivity and integrated App.

Check Price

The app is no different to Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3, except the Smart Tag Nut 2 is better in many ways, but the TrackR Braco has the coolest design of all and a LED indicator to blink when the alarm is triggered.

The TrackR Bravo also has a great body built and a strong key ring holder.

4. iHere 3.0

The iHere gadget finder is a multipurpose gadget that works with Bluetooth assistance. Just any other wireless gadgets finders, the iHere here works the same way except that it has some exceptions features, extremely cool design.

Check Price

The iHere gadgets finder is integrated with an App where all the tracking information related to the iHere tag is located. Just connect it to whatever item you want to set it up in the app.  When you move away from the limited range of the tag, an automatic alarm is triggered on your device.

The cool features of iHere I was mentioning is that it is rechargeable. The rechargeable feature definitely eliminates getting new batteries everytime you run out of charge. Also, you can use the iHere to click “Capture” on your mobile phone. The LED light that helps find the tracker even in dark is also a cool feature that interests users.

5. Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3

The Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 2 is an advanced level or simply the next generation Gadget Finder. The Smart Tag comes in sets of package 1, 2 and 3 and all of them are multipurpose receiver tags ie; the user can use it to stick it to a laptop or connect it to a Key using the ring provided to the card.

Check Price

The Smart Tag Nut 2 works with the integration of an App. So, the first thing you need to do when you purchase a Smart Tag Nut 2 is to set it up by installing and adjusting the settings on your Android/iPhone.

The settings are more like pairing the tag and then setting up the remote alarm when the device and the Smart tag are separated by a certain amount of distance and the key tone volume. By doing so, when you and your device are separated by more than the distance that you have set, automatic alarm triggers on both the devices letting you know that the other one is misplaced or not in range.

Key Features & Advantages 

  • Find misplaced devices with the help of intelligent tech integrated App.
  • An inbuilt map helps locate the device that is misplaced or a car that is parked at a distance.
  • Reverse trigger the mobile device by long pressing the button on Smart Tag.
  • Well built and extremely lite.
  • Available in three different colours and in an affordable price range.

6. Magicfly Wireless RF Key Finder

I do not seem to find any major difference between the WTR Key Finder, Click ‘n Dig Key Finder and JTD Wireless Key Finder. Just like all the other Wireless Key Finder Gadgets, the Magicfly Wireless RF Key Finder also comes with four Receivers and a Transmitter.

Check Price

The users reviews and ratings for this particular Key Finder gadget is comparatively higher than few of the above mentioned. The reasons could be due to its glossy look, excellent build, long battery durability, high stability and many such factors.

7. WTR Key Finder

The WTR Key Finder is a wireless finder gadget that is more like the first two gadgets (Click ‘n Dig & JTD Wireless Finders) I have mentioned in the article.

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Unlike the other two gadgets, the WTR Key Finder comes with four receivers, in which all of them are key ring receivers which have a connectivity range of about 70-110 ft. With the help of Transmitter that you get in the package, track the coloured receiver by long pressing the same coloured button.

As the built of the WTR Key Finder is simple and easy to dismantle and mantle, users find it easy to use. But that also means someone can easily dismantle the WTR Key Finder when they don’t want you to find the misplaced or lost item.

8. iKee – Bluetooth Smart Finder 

iKee Smart Finder

The iKee Bluetooth Smart Finder is a Finder Gadget that works with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. The package comes with a smart receiver that can be tagged to anything, any item even to your Pet. And do remember to pair the device before tagging so that it helps track the receiver and store the location data.

Check Price

In a more simplified way, the iKee Bluetooth receiver should be paired to your mobile device via Bluetooth. After that, the user needs to install an app that is provided by the vendor where you can find all the information related to location and triggering the receiver. Once you have successfully set up the receiver and the App, you are good to go.

Just in case you have misplaced the item or lost it, all you need to do is to open the app and try to find where the last known location is and then try searching from that location. And while searching, the user needs to constantly try and pair the device with the receiver via Bluetooth. By doing so, when the device is paired, you can simple trigger the alarm and find the device.


  • It works on Bluetooth connectivity only.
  • A constant disconnectivity to preserve battery might affect the device location storage when the user forgets to pair it back in time.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • Limited Bluetooth range.
  • I seriously don’t understand how you can find a lost wallet when you are out of Bluetooth connectivity range.

9. JTD Wireless RF Item Locator/Key Finder

The JTD Wireless RF Key Finder can be described as a doppelganger to the Click ‘n Dig E4 Key Finder. It comes with four receivers, two flat and two key ring receivers. The transmitter comes with a base.

Check Price

The few differences that you might find between the Click ‘n Dig E4 key Finder and the JTD Wireless RF Key Finder is that the JTD Wireless RF Key Finder has a better battery standby, long distance (70-130 ft) tracking and a better body built.

10. Click ‘n Dig E4 Key Finder

The Click ‘n Dig E 4 Key Finder is one of the top sold Finder gadgets online. The E4 doesn’t integrate with your Smartphone as it has a separate receiver that help track the device.

The Click ‘n Dig Key finders come in sets, like E2, which has two Finders, E4, which has 4 Finders, F6 with 6 Finders. Talking about the Click ‘n Dig E4 Key Finder, it has four receivers, in which two of them are Flat receivers, which means you can simply attach the receivers to your Smartphone, Wallet, Laptop or anything that you can attach to. The other two receivers are Key ringers receivers that can be used to chain them, like, linking it to your Key, Ziplock, Holder and anything that you can link to.

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How The Click ‘n Dig E4 Key Finder Works

The complete Click ‘n Dig E4 key Finder comes with four Receivers and a Transmitter. The four receivers are of different colours and the same coloured buttons are present on the Transmitter.

Now, tag an item that you want to monitor or keep track of. When you misplace or lost it, simply long press the button that is of the same colour Receiver you have lost/misplaced. A loud ring is generated from the internal speaker present in the receiver so that you can locate the item.

Few things you need to be aware of while purchasing Click ‘n Dig E4, F6 Key Finders:

  • It comes in limited number sets. An E2, E4, F6 and etc.
  • It can track devices up to 80 ft long and beyond that is not possible.
  • The Transmitter and receiver need batteries to keep them active.
  • Not specified anything about Waterproof.

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