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5 Best iOS Emulators For PC In 2017 (Windows, Mac, )

iOS Emulators

Have you ever wished to play iPhone games on your Windows PC? Now it is easy to use your most favorite iOS applications or games on your PC with Emulators. There are various kinds of iOS Emulators that can be easily installed on your PC and use them right away. Here is the list of the best iOS Emulators available in 2017.

iOS Emulators For PC:

1. iPadian:

iPadian iOS Emulator

iPadian is the best and most popular iOS emulator app that duplicates the iPad interface on your Windows desktop. iPadain is the best Emulator for PC and it is free to download. iPadian consists of a Dashboard that has a search bar, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and games like Angry Birds and some other common applications that you can see on your iPhone. Download and Install the iPadian application on your Desktop and search for your favorite game in the search bar. Click on the game and download it on your PC and play on the big screen that looks just like your iPad or iPhone.

Download: iPadian

2. iOS Screen Recorder:

iOS Screen Recorder Emulator

iOS Screen Recorder emulator is used to mirror your iPhone screen wirelessly on your PC to get the ultimate big screen experience. You can record games, videos, audios for replying or sharing. With iOS Screen Recorder, you can play the most popular games like Clash of Clans, Clash royale, Pokemon on your PC easily. iOS Screen Recorder lets you share your pictures on a big screen wirelessly without uploading them. You can even export HD videos to your computer and the videos are saved as MP4 files which can be shared with your friends or upload on Youtube. iOS Screen Recorder is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Drawback: You can try iOS Screen Recorder for free for few days and if you really like it, you can buy it for $39.95/Year or Lifetime License for $69.95.

Download: iOS Screen Recorder

3. Bluestacks:

Bluestacks Android Emulator

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator to run android applications or games on your Windows PC and Mac.  Bluestacks can be downloaded for free and is easy to install. It allows you to install free android apps like Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, Shadow Fight 2 and much more Android apps on your Windows desktop for free. Download and install Bluestacks from the below link by following the on screen instructions and open Bluestacks to search your favorite game. It supports all input devices like Keyboard, Mouse, touch and other input devices.

Download: Bluestacks

Online iPhone Emulators

Online iPhone Emulators can be used by the developers to test how the website will look like if it is made to run on an iPhone. It is great to test and redesign your application even if you do not have an iPhone.

1. Transmog.Ne:

Transmog iOS Emulator

Transmogrification Portal is one of the online simulators that allows you to surf the mobile internet from the comfort of your desktop browser. Transmog is very easy and free to use. Just enter the URL in your browser and hit enter and design your applications at ease. You can test your website designs in a variety of mobile screen sizes. Some of the important features of Transmog online Emulator are Deliver presentations of your mobile site on a big screen, Refine your mobile device detection process, Debug your mobile sites using Firebug or Chromebug. You can design and test both iOS and Android Applications.

Link: Transmog


iPhone Simulator

iPhone4Simulator is another best online iPhone Simulator that tests your iPhone Web Applications or iPhone version of your website. Just type the URL, hit enter and you land on iPhone Simulator website. Swipe the unlock screen with your mouse and you are ready to design. The only drawback of  iPhone Simulator is it works best if displayed in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Link: iPhone4simulator


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