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Samsung Note 7 Battery Explosions made a mass recall of Note 7 Phones all over the World

Samsung Note 7  Battery Explosions:

Samsung Note 7 problem started when multiple users who downloaded the system update to first start up their phone find the phone begins freezing and restarting.

Initially in few outlets technicians did a firmware refresh and it seemingly solved the issue until the next day where the freezing begun again.

It got progressively worse with faster battery drainage loosing connectivity with cell network quite often and random reboot.

A shift to rapid-charge handsets,  increased the chance of battery problems due to the high charge voltage which could be one of the root cause for Note 7 battery explosions

Samsung share price has plummeted after series of Note 7 explosions posted in social media.

Samsung Note 7 recall

Samsung Note 7 recall

Samsung Note 7 user complaints:

  • I came home after work, put it to charge for a little bit before I had class, went to put it on my waist and it caught fire, one customer said.
  • Another added: “There was another explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. It was my friend’s phone.
  • Many explosions have been reported and all are related to the battery charging, catching fire while actually plugged into the mains or just after they’ve finished juicing up.

Samsung’s Action on Note 7 Issues:

  • After hearing series of Samsung Note 7 explosions complaints Samsung stopped selling the Note 7 in UK, USA and rest of the world.
  • Samsung announced a statement saying they are working closely with partners to ensure the replacement experience is as convenient and efficient as possible to ensure customer’s safety.
  • A mass recall of the Samsung Note 7 could cost Samsung 820 billion South Korean Won which affects the operating profit by 400 billion Won.
  • Samsung has recalled nearly 2.5 million Note 7 phones.
  • The mass recall may create negative impact in the market but surely wise decision because this will help Samsung to regain confidence from consumers and investors.
  • Samsung’s mass recall brings battery maker into focus,
  • In a hurry to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 release Samsung might have ignored minor quality checks which created a huge loss and damage to the brand .

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