Best Free Game Of The Week Shadow Bug Rush For iOS And Android

Shadow Bug Rush Game:

Halloween being just around the corner, Muro Studios Ltd released Shadow Bug Rush, a spooky endless action adventure game that powers up this Halloween season. Visually beautiful and twisted landscapes with decent music, endless action, and simple touch control to fight huge bosses make the Shadow Bug Rush game stand out from rest of the games.

Shadow Bug Rush


A Shadow Bug Rush is the sequel of Shadow Bug and is more entertaining than the previous one. You take the role of Shadow Bug and stop the evil factory from the damage that it is causing to your forest home. You need to travel through the twisted landscapes and slice the monsters into pieces. All you need is to tap to move forward and backward to slice your enemies. The super smooth gameplay seems to be simple at first but it is increasingly difficult as you progress towards the game. You need to escape from the spikes while battling with the monsters. You can upgrade the game’s worlds by unlocking new monsters and traps. Climb the leaderboards, collect the loot, power-ups and characters as you travel through the gorgeous landscapes with your ninja powers. More landscapes will be coming soon. Shadow Bug Rush game is available for free to download. Enjoy playing this amazing action-adventure game during this spooky season.

Shadow Bug Rash game requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and for Android it requires android 5.0 or later.

Key Features of Shadow Bug Rush game:

  • Mesmerizing art and mystical silhouettes.
  • Unlockable characters
  • Dozens of obstacles and traps carefully designed to slice you.
  • Leaderboards.

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