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Spectacles The First Sunglasses That Records Videos With Tap Of Button

Spectacles, The super smart Sunglasses From Snapchat rebranding as Snap Inc.,

Do you like a pair of smart Sunglasses that records a video at your eye level? As technology is advancing super fast,  video recording has come to sunglasses too. With Spectacles from Snapchat ( renamed Snap Inc.,), instead of lifting your smartphone all the way to the eye level you can just tap a small button on your spectacles to record what you see at eye level. The CEO of Snap., Inc Evan Spiegel calls his video sharing glasses Spectacles as a toy.

What is Spectacles and How it works?

Spectacles, the first hardware product from Snap Inc., initially appear to be a normal pair of sunglasses. Spectacles have an inbuilt camera that uses an 115-degree-angle lens wider than the smartphone’s camera and records the video in circular view just like human vision. When you wear the Spectacles and you see something worth recording, tap a button near the hinge and it records up to 10 seconds of video. Each tap of the button records another clip. As you record your hands are free to focus on the video. Spectacles video syncs wirelessly to a smartphone, making it easy to share.

Spectacles The First Sunglasses That Records Videos With Tap Of Button

Spectacles video sunglasses will be available soon (Price @ $129.99). Spectacles come in one-size that fits all and are available in black, teal or coral colors. How cool is to wear smart glasses?


  • The moment you see you record a video with just a tap at eye level is an exciting feature.


  • It records only for 10 seconds which is very short. if you want to record more, you need to tap, tap, tap…….

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