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Top 4 Best Tools to Compress Large Video Files (Android, iOS, Mac)

What is Video compression?

A Video is basically made out of 24 to 30 frames per second. There are approximately 24 to 30 still images that are displayed as an illusion of movement. Now compression actually aids you in reducing the storage size of a video or film. Compression stores the changes in the video instead of storing the entire frame.

Most of the time while shooting a particular video we never think of whether this video will be allowed to upload on YouTube or any other social media sites. The time you start the process, the sites tells you to compress the file before uploading.

Definitely, this is thought to be a huge task. Plus no doubt the procedure takes time to finish. So now what do we do?

We find a simple and time-saving method to compress particular videos. Now video compressing should not be a tension for you all. The are a lot of video compressor applications available in the digital market. Let’s have a look at them and pick the best fit for your smartphone or computer.

Video compressor applications

Let’s list down the top 4 methods and tools to compress video files easily on your device.


Video Compressor

Android  |  iOS

Video compressor has to be on top. It enables you to cut down your video size without damaging your valuable moments. The biggest feature in this application is that it cut downs the dimensions and reduces the resolution of the video to be able to make good use of it on your devices.

Video quality is yet another feature that is unignorable. It reduces the bit rates of your video without affecting on its video quality. Video slimmer can be used to cut or split the video its two halves. The video compressor allows you to share your video through third-party apps as well as e mail. It supports different video formats like Mp4, AVI, H.264, MOV and AVCHD. The application is only available for iPhone users.


Video Compressor (Android)

Please don’t get confused with the first one. This video compressor is only for Android users. It indeed aids you in compressing few of the heavy files without losing on its quality or a valuable moment. All Android devices are supported starting from 3.0 and above. There is no possibility of incompatibility with any Android based device.

With Video compressor you can directly share the video on different social media sites like YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and for that matter even emailing is supported by it. You can now enjoy memorable moments with your family and friends on this application. It supports various video formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI and many more.  


iPhone Video Compressor

This is an application that is making people go crazy. Now you don’t need to worry about the hectic procedure of editing or compressing a video before uploading on social media sites. iPhone video compressor has amazing features that allow you to reduce the size of the video without any third party apps. It can be done directly on your iPhone.

Using this app can approximately reduce 80% of disk space in your iOS device. It gives you a better quality and compressed videos. For all you need is this application on your smartphone. iPhone Video compressor also allows batch compressing that actually saves a lot of time. The main video formats supported by iPhone video compressor are MOV, FLV, VOB, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV and MPG.


SkySoft Video Converter

You will always need a video compressor for your desktop. There is no doubt about that as most of our work is on our laptop or computer. So for Mac user, SkySoft video converter does dual work that is to get the video for audio songs as well as compress them. It definitely provides you high definition quality video even after the entire compressing procedure is finished. SkySoft Video converter is also available for Windows PC.


If you want to compress a particular video of any size, all you need is the compressor applications mentioned above. They all work really well on your devices. The great thing the applications is that they provide you unbelievable HD quality which is quite impressive.

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