10 Best Apps Like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugar Sync,

  1. DropBox

DropBox is a file hosting service. DropBox allows you to share your photos, docs, and videos with others without using flash drives and CD’s. It automatically backs up the files to a secure off-site server in the cloud. Every file saved to DropBox also gets saved to user’s computer, phone and the DropBox website to access the data from anywhere. It is designed with multiple layers of protection. Only authorized user can access the data of DropBox. The security of your data is the highest priority of DropBox.

  1. OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage option which can be used as a file explorer. It is designed for those who want to store any kind of file in the service, including photos, videos and documents. With OneDrive, it is easy to access the data from one of the computers, mobile devices. If you have a Windows phone, PC or tablet and need to get your data from any device then it is best for you. These days it is available for Android, Windows phones and computers. OneDrive keeps your data safe and secure. In order to use OneDrive you must sign up for a Microsoft account.

  1. Google Drive

If you want to store your data in one place and get it whenever you need, then Google Drive will help you to do this. It’s a complete package service including, word processor, spreadsheet application and presentation builder plus 15GB of free storage space. Its best feature is that you can drag and drop files into the Drive web site and they’ll be uploaded automatically. If you already have a Google account you can easily access the Google Drive. You can also download the drive desktop app for Mac and PC to manage your files from your computer. It has a built-in Office suite, which makes it better than other online storage drives.

  1. Box.net
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Box.net is a good alternative to DropBox. It is different from any other online storage drives because of its sharing feature. It doesn’t just synchronize and backup your data, it helps you manage it. It is a multi-platform service. With Box.net you can add comments, project files, assign tasks, start discussions or cerate new contents. It provides you a lot of control over the privacy of your data. It is best for team of employees, large companies and members working together on projects that need a place to securely share data with everyone. It is available for the operating systems like- Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.

  1. Dmailer Backup

What will happen if your system crashes unexpectedly? Is your important data protected? Dmailer backup tool is an important, fastest and easiest way to protect your data. It works against computer viruses, thefts and many more failures. It is easy to access and support many languages. Its Automatic mode works on the concept that it takes backup automatically from your PC. With Custom mode user can select the particular data from the device. Dmailer backup application has 2GB of storage space.

  1. SugarSync

Are your important files, videos, photos and docs are safe on your computer? Don’t worry, because your data will remain safe with SugarSync tool. It is not very different from DropBox in functionality. It is based on the concept that it sync first and then backup. It is available for the operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry. Sign up for a 30 day trail and then earn extra storage space by performing various actions.

  1. Cloudme

Cloudme is a free and open service to store data. It provides 3GB of storage to everyone. Accessing and sharing of files and folders is easy in Cloudme. If you don’t have an account, you can sign-up today. It allows you to access your files, folders, pictures, docs only with your Cloudme account.

  1. SkyDrive
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SkyDrive is Microsoft’s syncing solution, offering 7GB of free storage space. SkyDrive lets you share public links and view/edit private links. User can automatically save all the documents to SkyDrive. It is available for Android, Mac and ipad and Windows.

  1. Insync

Insync is a free service like DropBox used for file synchronization. It has its own servers and storage. To use Insync, the first thing you need is a Google account. It is not a cloud storage service like DropBox, but rather a file synchronization service for Google docs. It has plus, pro and business plans for various users. It offers data protection and governance for endpoints by integrating online backup secure file sharing.

  1. iDriveSync

It is a free file syncing service. It’s free account gives you 5GB storage space. iDriveSync installs locally on any device where you want to access your files. Like other file syncing services, it is also available for Windows and Android. Once you have set the program all files and folders syncing to the service’s servers, it lets you to store all kinds of data.