10 Best Fitness Apps Like Coutch to 5K, Fitnet, Sworkit, Motion Traxx

1.Coutch to 5K

Coutch25KMany of us want to work out and burn some extra pounds deposited in our body we fail to choose a right workout ,running is the best workout which burns extra pounds deposited from every part of our body and sweat out the fat from our body .Coutch to 5k is a best app which helps users with an eight-week workout plan With 3 workouts per week that makes user to burn those stubborn fats every week systematically.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. Blogilates

blogilatesCassey Ho is an American social-media fitness magnate with a YouTube channel and a website that sells fitness apparel. She is considered an Internet personality and a rising YouTube star nationally and internationally. In 2013, she received a Shorty Award in the category of social fitness.Blogilates app takes things to the subsequent level—you get access to all of her videos, plus an online forum and monthly workout calendar.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. Zombies, Run!

zombie runRunning turn out to be way more fun when each step gets you closer to resonant out your mission, gathering materials for your base camp, and keeping humans safe from the zombie apocalypse. There’s a motivation behind this game to become the highest-grossing health and fitness app on iTunes in just two weeks—even though it’s free to download, you’ll start bombarding out money like you do for Candy Crush. Apart from this game helps you get your sweat on.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. Fitnet

fitnetFitnet is the exercises app for people who can’t sculpt out time to go to the gym. Fitnet features plenty of five- and seven-minute targeted workouts, so you don’t have to lose time with your friends and family to accomplish your fitness goals. Plus, Fitnet uses your phone’s camera for a whole new kind of selfie—this one measures how closely you follow the moves shown on the screen. (Free with optional in-app purchases; iOS and Android)

  1. Sworkit
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sworkitTell Sworkit the type of workout you’re considering for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and the sum of time you’ve got (anyplace from five minutes to an hour), and the app provides the moves to follow during your sweat session. If you opt for premium ($4.99 per month), the app lets you get even more custom-made, by setting the number of reps and the areas of the body you want to focus on.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. Motion Traxx

Motion TraxxHang on to music can be the flawless way to add extra oomph to your workout, but creating the perfect playlist is tricky. That’s where Motion Traxx comes in. Motion Traxx pools coaching from world-class trainers with music planned to set the perfect intensity for every level of your workout.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. StrongLifts 5×5

Strong Lifts 5X5No need to note down while lifting at the gym anymore. StrongLifts 5X5 keeps track of the exercise, number of reps, and rest time, so all you have to worry about is getting to the gym and getting stronger and healthier. (Free with optional in-app purchases; iOS and Android)

  1. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava RunningIf you’re a serious runner or cyclist, you need one place to keep track of your most recent runs and rides, and no app comes close to the competencies offered by Strava. Strava can track distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, heart rate, power, and cadence. Then Strava produces all of this data into easy-to-understand graphics.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. Spotify Running

Spotify runningPart of the Spotify app (and let’s be honest, you possibly have that on your phone), Spotify Running measures your pace and picks a song with the beats per minute to match it. It’s about time your music matches your cadence instead of the other way around.

(Download on iOS and Android)

  1. Yonder
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yonderThink of this like Scream for the outdoor enthusiast. Enter your location and find dozens of suggestions for hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing with reviews and tips from associated al fresco men and women.

(Download on iOS and Android)