10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2019 (Free & Paid)

Role Playing Games are entertaining and exciting games to play. The players take the role of the main character and live virtually in that character.

It is fun to battle with enemies in the game or solve challenging puzzles that help to survive in the character.

Best iOS RPG Games

In this articles we’ll walk you through the best RPG games for iOS devices.


10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Crashlands is a story-driven action adventure RPG game developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. Crashlands is designed with visually appealing graphics and the gameplay is based on crafting mechanics. Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets wrecked by a chin-strapped alien menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you helpless on an alien planet.

You become trapped in the dangerous world while retrieving your packages and you require all your smartness and both of your glutes to succeed.

You become more powerful by creating amazing items and as you grow in power, you can explore new regions of the world, meet strange characters, discover new stories, and battle new and interesting enemies. If you are a big fan of both action and building games, try Crashlands game. You will certainly like it.

Key Features of Crashlands Game:

  • Unlock over 500 craftable items as you explore the world and learn its secrets.
  • Self-managing and Infinite Inventory.
  • Huge world with huge problems to solve.
  • Cloud saving.
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Final Fantasy IX:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)The most popular title on PlayStation, Final Fantasy IX from Square Enix has been transitioned to mobile without missing its original essence. Final Fantasy IX game is designed with excellent graphics and an interacting storyline.

You got to play with multiple characters, each with their own unique skills that separate them from the others.

Each character has their own piece of the story, but the main focus is on hero Zidane, heroine Garnet, and the heart of the story, the black mage Vivi.

There are plenty of minigames like Jump Rope, Tetra Master to enjoy when you’re not saving the world. You can earn special rewards.

Key Features of Final Fantasy IX Game:

  • The game saves automatically.
  • High-definition movies and character models.
  • 7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.
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Titan Quest:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Titan Quest developed by DotEmu is a non-stop action RPG set against an ancient mythological backdrop. Titan Quest is a classic hack-and-slash that offers exciting gameplay with a fast, intense rhythm.

The gods declare war between the wicked Titans and humans who are trying to destroy the world.

You play as the gods chosen hero and explore ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and China, and fight against hordes of mythological creatures.

Titan Quest game is designed with high-quality graphics and redesigned touch-friendly gameplay. You got a huge open world to explore and more than 60 hours of gameplay.

Key Features of Titan Quest Game:

  • A touch friendly interface.
  • Full day and night cycle.
  • 80 different mythological creatures like Cyclopses, Minotaurs, Gorgons, and more.
  • 1200 plus items to discover, 30 different character classes and 150 different character skills.
  • Dozens of unlockable achievements to discover.
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Heroes of Loot 2:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Heroes Of Loot 2 is a fast action-oriented role-playing game developed by Orangepixel,the creators of Heroes of Loot. Heroes Of Loot 2 is designed with simple pixel art and 2 character swapping where you can play as both characters. Heroes Of Loot 2 game is all about surviving as long as possible.

The Dungeon is filled with quests ranges from simple finding a key to use magic powers to light all magic candles and open the magical gate. Different types of puzzles require different solutions. Use the skills of the characters in your party to complete these quests. [adinserter block=”11″]

Your characters are your main weapons equipped with a powerful melee attack, quick spinning, firepower, and spotting rare loot which enhances your character for short periods of time. Apart from the game being designed in dark, overall Heroes Of Loot 2 is an amazing game to play.

Key Features of Heroes Of Loot 2 Game:

  • Play with both characters each with their own skills.
  • Discover secret rooms, level-skipping teleports, secret items, and more
  • MFI support.
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7 Mages:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)7 Mages developed by Napoleon Games is an epic RPG game that is inspired and reworked from the legendary movies The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven. 7 Mages gameplay is kind of turn-based strategy game with the option to split up your team, use combat spell, elemental spell, and all-new musical magic.

The puzzles in the game often require you to find and use particular items to progress towards the game. The puzzles will be very difficult to solve as you progress towards the game which in turn makes 7 Mages the most addictive game.

7 Mages game is free to download that gives you the first four areas of the game to enjoy and you can decide on purchasing the full game if you enjoy it.

Key Features of 7 Mages Game:

  • Original puzzles on each new level.
  • 14 incredible environments.
  • More than 30 types of enemies where most of them bring new details into the battle.
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Hungry Shark World:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Did you ever felt living like a shark? Hungry Shark World, a sequel to Hungry Shark is an aquatic action-packed adventure game developed by Ubisoft. The Hungry Shack World is designed with console quality graphics and funny music.

Take control of sharks and let them survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in its way. You have 20 shark species to explore from the nimble Hammerhead shark to the iconic Great White Shark in 7 different size tiers.

Outfit your sharks with stylish Accessories and special Gadgets with headphones, umbrella, and a laser beam. You have 3 beautiful aquatic worlds to explore and 20 different types of missions to master.

Key Features of Hungry Shark World Game:

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Combo bonuses, Goldrush, and MEGA GOLD RUSH to boost your hi-scores.
  • 100’s of enemies and prey to consume.
  • Find all Hungry Letters to trigger the insane Super Size PowerUp.
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Space Marshals 2:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Space Marshals 2, a tactical top-down shooter RPG game developed by Pixelbite is the sequel of Space Marshals and is far better than the original with all kinds of features. Space Marshals 2 is designed with beautiful and stylish HD graphics rendered with metal that looks amazing on your screen.

The gameplay is not just shooting the bullets, but the tactical fight and stealth play an important role followed by an interesting and engaging story. You play as the shooter specialist Burton who is struggling against the criminal elements of the galaxy.

Use the tools of the trade to fight against the enemies like drones, frag grenades, gun turrets, flash bangs, proximity mines and much more.

In addition to body armor and grenades, you can carry one two-handed and one single-handed weapon and You got different kinds of weapons to choose from Shotguns, handguns, assault rifles to sniper rifles, crossbows, energy weapons, throwing axes.

Key Features of Space Marshals 2 Game:

  • 20 missions with performance based rewards.
  • Over 70 different weapons.
  • MFi controller support.
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Leap Of Fate:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Leap Of Fate developed by Clever Plays is a furiously-paced cyberpunk top-down shooter RPG game that is about overcoming your fears and achieving your fate. If you survive from twists and challenges you will gain supernatural power and a chance to uncover your true fate.

Discover the deep and powerful stories of four characters Aeon, Big Mo, Mukai and Katana are described through beautifully illustrated cinematics and each of these characters plays so differently from the others that you’ll need totally new tactics to defeat most of the enemies.

The levels are procedural and if you die, you must restart from the beginning and try again. To survive is more challenging as you progress through the game. Leap Of Fate is designed with gorgeous graphics and beautiful sound effects.

Key Features Of Leap Of Fate game:

  • Upgrade over a hundred magical skills through an innovative system of randomly-generated skill trees.
  • Hundreds of challenging missions to complete.
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Never Gone:

10 Best iOS RPG Games Like Final Fantasy IX In 2017 (Free & Paid)Never Gone developed by Zhuhai HippieNetwork Technology Co., Ltd. is an old-school beat them up 2D Action RPG Game with stylish gothic art designs and wonderful Therion music. Never Gone is set up in a classic world where human, vampires and other demons co-exist and continually waging war against one another.

Play as Blood Knight or Dark Sister to face the impossible challenges and win excellent rewards.  You will find the world famous Swedish rock band, Therion’s classical songs in the game and some of the members of Therion will be seen as characters in the game to fight along or against the players.

You can craft your weapons and upgrade them as you explore war furious world.

Key Features of Never Gone Game:

  • Craft and upgrade over 200 weapons.
  • World Class Rock Music by Therion.
  • MFI support.
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