10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This Week

Every week we explore the best new games available and post them for our readers to try them out hoping that our best games will also be yours.

Here are the best new games on the Android and iOS app store.




10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekEmber developed by 505 Games Inc is a mind-blowing Classic-style, role-playing anüd an epic storytelling game filled with fascinating characters, lots of adventure and humor to explore.

Ember is priced at $6.99, but I would say it is worth to give a try because of its 30 plus hours of epic adventure, over 70 quests with diverse gameplay, and more than 20 handcrafted worlds and shadowy dungeons.

The world is surrounded by darkness and the stars fell into the dark world when the heavens open up called Embers. Embers wake out of their deep sleep after a ritual is being performed and they become powerful. Known by the sheer power of Embers, they are being hunted and captured. Save the Embers by winning the war for Ember battle.

Key Features Of Ember Game:

  • Encounter hundreds of NPCs with their own tales to tell.
  • The in-depth crafting system, from baking bread to forging magic weapons.
  • Meet different companions with their own backstory quests.
  • Experience dynamic weather and time of day system.
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NCIS: Hidden Crimes:

10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekDo you like solving mysteries behind the crimes? NCIS Hidden Crimes developed by Ubisoft is the Fantastic game for those who like thriller games. NCIS Hidden Crimes is an adventure mystery solving game based on the popular TV show NCIS series.

The game is designed in a stunning animated universe with all the cast from the TV show like Gibbs, Abby and watch your cases come to life with lively characters and avatars.

Travel around 50 states in the United States from harbors to the desert, travel from Washington, D.C. to the world to serve justice. As you progress through this episodic adventure, search for clues in captivating locations, expose the suspects, make the arrest and put away the criminals. Get ready to play as a special agent and time has come to prove your investigation skills in this thrilling adventure NCIS Hidden Crimes game.

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Key Features of NCIS: Hidden Crimes:

  • 6 different investigation modes.
  • 9 puzzle types including drone surveillance and microscope analysis.
  • 4 additional surprise actions.
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Fired Up:

10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekFired Up is a simple and addictive arcade game developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc, the creators of MMM Fingers and Super Stickman Golf 3.

The buildings catch fire and you need to extinguish the fire and save as many people as you can.

The more you extinguish, the more points you score. You will earn medals from bronze to gold as you progress through the game.

Key Features of Fired Up game:

  • Fun One Touch Controls.
  • Ledger boards and achievements.

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Paul Pixel – The Awakening:

10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekPaul Pixel Awakening developed by Xoron GmbH is a point-and-click adventure game designed with beautiful pixel art and rhetorical retro music.

Paul Pixel Awakening gameplay looks similar to old games like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island Zac McKraken. An average guy called Paul Pixel discovers that the part of the city he lives has a Zombie outbreak and he needs to get out of the city.

Eventually, this ordinary Paul Pixel has to save the whole earth from the zombie invasion and becomes a hero. The players take the role of Paul Pixel and save the world from the zombie invasion.

Key Features of Paul Pixel Awakening:

  • Point and click adventure game.
  • Hand-crafted pixel art.
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Atomic Super Lander:

10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekAtomic Super Lander developed by Crescent Moon Games is a unique combination of both platformer and classic lander gameplay.

The game is designed with stylish cartoon graphics and animations with beautiful sound effects and interactive story.

An Asteroid supercluster is about to attack the earth and the players have to become a cosmic demolition man to fight for the mankind’s survival.

Explore endless amounts of different asteroids in an increasingly hostile environment and explore multiple spaceships that will help on your mission.

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Navigate your spaceship through debris and danger and fight with dangerous alien creatures. Will you be able to save the mankind from the aliens attack in this amazing Atomic Super Lander game? [adinserter block=”9″]

Key Features of Atomic Super Lander Game:

  • A balance of skillful gameplay and intense action.
  • Collect achievement cards for an interactive cardhouse.
  • Compete against other players on global high score boards.
  • Customizable touch controls.
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Twisted Lines:

10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekTwisted Lines developed by Megagon Industries is a new mind twisting puzzle game with a unique game mechanic wrapped in a beautiful minimalist presentation.

Cross the lines to swap colors and collect all hollow squares to solve the puzzle. The interesting part of the game is the music that adapts to your puzzle solution.

You have over 100 handcrafted puzzles to solve and various puzzle elements to explore. New puzzle elements keep the game fresh and challenging and solve all chapters and investigate the hidden story.

Key Features of Twisted Lines game:

  • 100 plus levels to explore.
  • create beautiful patterns and share it with your friends.
  • Hints available if you are struck.
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Running Gods:

10 Best New Games Available For iOS And Android To Explore This WeekRunning Gods, as the name say it is a fun running game developed by Sophian ATIGUI that is based greek gods and greek mythology. The players have to choose their god from 7 of them and travel through the most epic sites from greek mythology.

The path from Mount Olympus to the shores of the Styx will be paved with various obstacles and you need to jump and dash into the air to avoid spikes, lightings, fireballs, rocks and arrows.

You need to catch enough orbs to unlock every god your way and your next levels.

Key Features of Running Gods game:

  • 7 epic environments to explore.
  • Compare your score with your friends.
  • An awesome soundtrack.
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