10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This Week

Every week we explore the best new games available and post them for our readers to try them out hoping that our best games will also be yours.

Here are the best new games on the Android and iOS app store.




10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekSkyhill developed by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH is a story-driven role-playing game based on the cruel tragedy struck by World War 3. The mutants are everywhere and they are looking for the survivors. The players have to survive from those evil mutants while searching for food and the supplies.

The Skyhill game is a turn based combat with complicated risks followed by an amazing reward system that holds the excitement throughout the game. Will you be able to survive in this thrilling Skyhill game?[adinserter block=”10″]

Key Features Of Skyhill game:

  • Randomly generated maps that make the gameplay more exciting.
  • Various special abilities to unlock.
  • Difficult levels.
  • Face an army of bizarre creatures and enemies on your way down
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Submerged: Miku and The Sunken City

10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekSubmerged developed by Uppercut Games Pty Limited is a third-person combat-free game in which the players explore a mysterious flooded city and find the beauty of destruction in boundless outdoor environments.

The player take the role of Miku, a young girl who has brought her wounded brother to the city in their small fishing boat. Navigate in the flooded city on your boat and scour the city for the supplies needed to save your dying brother using your telescope.

Discover the hidden objects during the exploration that piece together the story of a broken world and a broken family.

Key Features Of Submerged: Miku and The Sunken City

  • Colorful, rich and vibrant outdoor environments.
  • Increasingly difficult navigation puzzles.
  • A serene and relaxing game experience.
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10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekRubek developed by Xigma Games is a minimalist color based puzzle game designed with beautiful graphics and mind-bending puzzles. Roll a cube to pick up and match correct colors on the floor, as you make your way towards the end point while thinking a way to solve the puzzles.

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Rubek is designed with 70 plus handcrafted challenging levels. Collect stars to compete on the global leaderboards.[adinserter block=”11″]

Key Features of Rubek game:

  • Mind-bending puzzles.
  • 70+ handcrafted levels.
  • Game Center leaderboards integration.
  • Supports Colorblind option.
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10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekIsoland is the most expected independent puzzle game of 2016 developed by RedFish Game Studio. These is an island called Isoalnd in the far reaches of the Atlantic Ocean which seems to be peaceful but the residents trapped on that island don’t know how they got there.

You being a researcher travel to that island to reveal the mysteries, but you are trapped as soon as you arrive on that island. Use your smartness to avoid being tricked, and resolve the logic behind complex puzzles. Only then will the secrets of Isoland be exposed.

Key Features of Isoland game:

  • Unique & challenging in-game puzzle quests.
  • Well-designed background story with tailored gameplay.
  • Inference based system linked to the acquisition of item located in various buildings.
  • An Atmospheric Point & Click puzzle game.
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Disco Dave:

10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekDisco Dave developed by Amused Sloth is fun and addictive game for those who want to try something new. Disco Dave is designed with super cute voxel graphics and all you need to do is simply swipe, jump and show off your dancing skills in fabulous combos towards the highest score.

As you start dancing on the dance floor, the dance floor lights up with neon lights accompanied by fantastic and inspiring music that will certainly boost up your gaming experience. Score high points with combos and unlock new characters with far out style and animations.

Key Features of Disco Dave game:

  • Crazy dance moves, short gameplay sessions.
  • 70s groovy disco music.
  • Addictive gameplay.

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Stretch Dungeon:

10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekStretch Dungeon is a fast paced mind-bending action game developed by Nitrome, the creators of Silly Sausage and Leap Day. Stretch Dungeon is designed with a unique wall stretching mechanics and Atmospheric pixel art set through 4 zany dungeon environments.

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You are trapped in a prison and you need to find a way to escape from that prison. You need to stretch the walls of your prison with your mind not with hand and avoid dangerous traps. Stretch Dungeon game portrays an individual look into the warped mind of a prisoner.

Key Features of Stretch Dungeon Game:

  • Levels are randomized to experience a different play through every time.
  • Easy to pick up and play.
  • Cool realistic beard physics.
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10 Best New iOS And Android Games Available This WeekIf you are good with numbers and if you loke sudoku kind of games, then Makenines game is for you. Makenines developed by Force Of Habit is an ambient logic-puzzle game where you clear grids of numbers by making nines.

The game is designed with 60 handcrafted fun and increasingly challenging number of puzzles. You choose the level of difficulty to test your puzzle solving skills.

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Key Features of Makenines game:

  • 60 challenging levels.
  • Smooth, ambient sound palette comprised of 9 unique tones.
  • 9 new procedurally-generated puzzles each and every day.
  • 5 interesting ways of manipulating numbers.
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