10 Youtube Keyboard Shortcut Keys You Didn’t Know About

Do you watch Youtube quite Often? Sometimes scrolling up and down on the youtube video page or muting the video during an important call might be a hassle.

Imagine how much easier it would be if you could use keyboard commands to control the video player. Rather than having to reach for your mouse or trackpad you can just press a button on your keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Use While Watching Youtube Videos:

Here are 10 keyboard shortcut keys that can come in handy while watching Youtube videos.

Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Tab Key:

    The Tab key on the keyboard allows you to cycle through various controls from the top of the Youtube page to the bottom of the page repeatedly. When you hit tab key, it points to the video progress bar and when you keep hitting the Tab Key it cycles from video progress to play/pause, next video, mute, volume, full-screen mode, and to all the controls present on that page. Go to the control you want just by pressing the Tab key.

  2. Fullscreen:

    Enjoy watching the full-screen Youtube videos by just hitting F key on the Keyboard, press the Esc key to exit full screen mode.

  3. Play or Pause the Video:

    Sometimes you might need to pause a video you’re watching. Just press the letter K on your keyboard to pause the video. “K ” Key works where ever you are on the page. You can also use the Spacebar, however for the Spacebar Key to work, you must select the video first. Press the “K” key again when you’re ready to resume the video.

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  1. Skip the Video Forward or Backward by 5 seconds:

    On certain occasions you’ll need to fast forward to skip the boring part of the video or rewind to rewatch the good bits. Instead of using your mouse to skip the video by clicking backward or forwards, use the left and right arrows keys on your keyboard to move back and forth by 5 seconds.

  2. Skip the Video Forward or Backward by 10 Seconds:

    To skip the video by 10 seconds use J Key and L Key that are conveniently located either side of K Key. J key skips the video back by 10 seconds and L Key skips the video forward by 10 seconds.

  3. Specific Point of the Video:

    The number keys cut the video by tenths. #1 key skips the video to 10 percent, #2 key to 20 percent, #3 by 30 percent and #9 to 90 percent of the video. To view the video at a specific point just hit the number key on the keyboard.

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  1. Slow Motion:

    Pause the video and press the period(.) key on your keyboard to move forward one frame at a time, use the comma key (,) to move back a frame.

  2. Restart Video:

    Hit 0 (Zero) Key or Home key to restart your video.

  3. Volume Increase/Decrease:

    Use up and down arrows to adjust the volume and M Key to mute the volume.

  4. Closed Captioning:

    Hit C Key to turn on the closed captioning. Use plus or minus keys to change the font size.

Now you know the keyboard shortcut keys to use with the Youtube player and make your Youtube viewing experience more enjoyable. Just remember to take regular breaks while binge watching youtube videos unless you’re going for a world record