7-Inch Pixel Tablet from Google, Google to Partner with Huawei for 7-Inch Pixel Tablet for October Launch

7-Inch Pixel Tablet from Google and it’s tie-up with Huawei:

The 7-Inch Pixel Tablet is an innovative change from Google’s Nexus lineup hardware to the new Google-branded hardware in the premium segment with Huawei.

Huawei’s 7-inch Android tablet will be a successor to Google’s somewhat successful Nexus 7 tablet manufactured in 2013

So far, the company’s platform lead devices are expected to feature the Pixel brand.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are expected to be unveiled on October 4 along with Daydream VR headset and a 4K Chromecast dongle too.

Coming to smartphones, the HTC developed Pixel and Pixel XL codenamed Sailfish and Marlin have been leaked on numerous occasions. [adinserter block=”10″]From what we have learned so far, the smartphones won’t feature the HTC logo, but will come with Google branding.

The Google Pixel XL was purportedly also run through Geekbench, revealing some key specification details.

Google will reveal all of these products in October, and also release the first major maintenance release of Android Nougat 7.1 alongside.

With the introduction of the split-screen feature in Android Nougat, Android tablets might find more use among customers and enterprises.

The build number of this first maintenance release has also been leaked and is expected to be NDE63B.

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Pixel smartphone sports a 5-inch display and is expected to be priced at $449, the Pixel XL is the larger of the two with a 5.5-inch display and is expected to be priced at $599.

In addition to these two smartphones made by HTC, Google is also expected to launch a new 7-inch Pixel tablet as well.

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But now with the new model, Google is gearing up to bring up some enchanting features at a lesser cost which will be able to grasp the attention of the buyers in coming festive seasons.

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Pixel Tablet Key Features:

  • 7-Inch Pixel tablet will be made by Huawei
  • It will sport a 4GB RAM
  • It is expected to release first major maintenance release of Android Nougat 7.1