8 Best Emoji Keyboard Apps

Emojis is a fun way of expressing your views, emotions to your contacts. Whether your friend is a singer enthusiast or a fitness freak, there is an emoji for everyone. Emoji apps are designed from our favorite singers, players and even from fitness experts.

Stephmoji by Steph Curry:

8 Best Emoji Apps in 2016

Are you a big fan of Stephen Curry, the great shooter in the Basketball game? Just in time for the finals, Stephmoji by Steph Curry released a brand emoji app curated by Stephen himself for all his fans. Add some flavor to your texts with emojis and animations to support your team by installing the keyboard or sending it directly from the app. Emojis is compatible with all devices so the receiver doesn’t need to have the app installed to see them making the app more versatile. Key Features of Stephmoji by Steph Curry include high-definition resolution optimized for iMessaging, new emojis that works on Instagram, you can customize the emojis you send, and send from the keyboard or directly from the app.

Stephmoji for Android | iOS


8 Best Emoji Apps in 2016

Justmoji developed by Kapps Media is an official keyboard app of Justin Bieber, the most popular Canadian singer and songwriter. Justmoji is a comical mix of high-quality cartoon drawings, gifts, and expressions that allow you to express more than words to your friends and family. Decorte your texts with new emojis and make your conversation more engaging and enjoyable with your loved ones. Justmoji also introduces the Official Justin Bieber meme maker. You can send customized memes directly from the keyboard. Justmoji app is worth to give a try and you will be definitely happy that you tried.

Justmoji For Android | iOS


8 Best Emoji Apps in 2016

Appmoji Inc developed and released Votemoji that is all about the United States presidential election emojis just in time for elections. Voteemoji is included with the look-alike of your favorite presidential candidates and other famous political characters in the United States. Unlike other emoji apps sending a single emoji at a time, Votemoji allows you to put text and emoji next to each other in the same message. Key features of Votemoji includes resizing the emoji from small size to sticker emoji size in the same paragraph, change the text color, change the chat bubble color and even you can resize the text. Votemoji has several American landmarks, donkeys fighting elephants, elephants fighting donkeys, emojis that will help get out the vote and more.

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Votemoji For: Android | iOS


8 Best Emoji Apps in 2016

Here is a great news for Bubba Watson supporters. Bubbamoji developed by Kappas Media is an official emoji keyboard from 2 times golf Master’s champion Bubba Watson. Bubbamoji app has hundreds of independent and unique emojis and premium stickers. You can share premium stickers and animated gifs with your contacts from the keyboard. Bubbamoji allows you to communicate using Bubba-inspired images, expressions, audio video, and GIFs. With Bubba meme maker you can create memes with personalized messages and send custom messages directly from the keyboard.

BubbaMoji for Android | iOS


8 Best Emoji Apps in 2016

We have emoji apps from singers to players. Why not from Fitness experts. Fitmoji developed by Kappas Media is an official Emoji Keyboard App from Fitness Expert Shaun T. Fitmoji app will certainly inspire you to achieve your daily goals in fitness and also helps in inspiring your friends and loved ones. The unique emojis in Fitmoji is designed by Fitness expert Shaun T himself. You can express your emotions about your fitness in a fun way. Key features of FItmoji includes customizable memes, images, and GIFs. You can create memes and send the message directly from the keyboard. Stay fit and inspire others to be fit by sending fit emojis in a humorous way.

Fitmoji for Android | iOS


 8 Best Emoji Keyboard Apps in 2016

Gboard is new keyboard from Google for your iPhone that has all things that you would expect from a great keyboard. If you are tired of switching between apps, try Gboard Keyboard that does not need app switching and comes with Google Search built in. You can use Gifs to express your best reaction, search for a perfect emoji even faster. Glide typing is the best feature where you can type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter. You can search with awesome Google search built in for nearby store or restaurants or for anything just like you search in google web page.

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Gboard For Android | iOS

Word Flow Keyboard:

 8 Best Emoji Keyboard Apps in 2016

Word Flow for iPhone developed by Microsoft Corporation is a blazing fast keyboard that comes with free customization options and includes Arc mode for simple one-handed typing. Word Flow is such a smart keyboard that predicts what you are about to type and correct your mistakes in no time. With access to your Contacts, Word Flow predicts the names of your contacts so you can go even faster. You can customize Word Flow background using one of the images included in the app which is free, or you can use your own personal image.

Word Flow Keyboard for: Android | iOS



Irishmoji developed by Fanmoji Ltd is an emoji keyboard where you can show your love of Ireland and Ireland’s games this summer using emoji stickers. Irishmoji is featured with 150 plus emojis and with new Irish yourself feature. You can Irish-up your conversations with Irishmoji’s amazingly specific stickers about the game you love or  landmarks you like such as Cliffs of Moher, Kilkenny Castle or the food like Irish fry or a crisp sandwich and classic phrases. You can show your emotions through popular Irish people like James Joyce and Molly Malone. Irishmoji app has all sort of stickers covered from sports to food that you can show your admiration to Ireland. You can add you favorite Irishmoji to your picture to paint your face and around that can be sent directly from the keyboard.

Irishmoji for Android | iOS