August Smart Lock Pro Review

In this day and age of advanced technology, it is high time to have a hands-free lock for your front door. But there are so many different brands on the market that come with many great features attached, so which one should you buy?

In this review, we take a closer look at the August Home Smart Lock Pro which is one of the more popular door locks. It comes with many great features to make your life better and provide you with peace of mind.

We take a closer look at this smart door lock to see what it can provide the user.

August Smart Lock Pro

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With the door sense feature included with this lock from August Home, you can be sure that your door is always secured. That simply means the lock will sense if your door is not properly closed and locked and will notify you for your peace of mind.

Who is This Smart Lock for?

This is the ideal lock for those who want a type of lock that allows them to enter the house quickly and easily. And for those people who just do not have enough hands at their disposal to open and enter.

It is also the door lock for those who regularly forget their keys in the door and leave themself open to danger. This is also perfect for those people who are vision-impaired to provide the ideal solution for their safety.

Furthermore, this smart lock is the ideal lock for all homeowners who wish to make life easier and safer for their loved ones.

What’s Included?

When you buy this device, you get the smart lock included with everything you need to install it properly for use. You also get the software included that will quickly and easily connect your smartphone with the smart door lock.

You will also receive the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication module to provide remote access to your smartphone for both Android and iOS systems. It is also ready to be used with all IoT devices that are used in your home.

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Overview of Features

You can also monitor and control your door from anywhere with the remote access feature included in this lock. With the Wi-Fi connection feature included, you can easily control the lock of your door from anywhere through the internet.

There is also the option to auto-lock your door with the easy auto-lock setting when your hands are full. With this option, you can set the lock to auto-lock with a few seconds delay after the door is closed or for as long as you need.

This door knob lock can easily and very quickly be attached to your deadbolt lock system without too much effort. And you can still use your deadbolt lock keys for when the smart lock’s batteries might fail or when the lock itself fails.

Furthermore, is quite easy to install this smart lock on your door with your existing deadbolt lock system with only a screwdriver. And this will be done in a manner of around 10 minutes for even those without any previous experience.

The smart lock from August Home can easily be used with Alexa if you need to operate the lock with a voice control feature. And it will provide you with notification via its Wi-Fi connection for any activities regarding your smart lock.

The app can be used with Android and iOS smartphones to provide easy access via the phone. And it can also be set to auto-unlock from your smartphone when you approach the door with the BlueTooth connection.

Unfortunately, this device comes with quite a high price tag attached to it, and that might put it out of reach of many people. It will also only work with a deadbolt locking system, so if you have another system, you might need to replace it with a deadbolt lock.

Here is an overview of the main features:

  • It comes with the Door Sense feature included to notify you of all activities.
  • With this smart door lock, you have Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connection at your disposal.
  • You also have the auto-lock and auto-unlock feature included with this smart lock.
  • It comes with the app included, connecting to all mobile platform devices.
  • This smart lock will easily integrate with your existing deadbolt locking door locking system.
  • You get compatibility with Alexa and other IoT applications such as IFTTT.
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How to Use August Smart Lock Pro

Installing the August smart lock to your existing deadbolt system is very easy and you only need a Phillips screwdriver for this. You only need to remove the cover attached to the inside of the door and replace it with the smart doorknob mounting.

Then you can just attach the smart doorknob to the mounting that you attached to the door and make sure it is secured. After this, you can now set it up on your Android or iOS smartphone to get it connected.

For the complete instructions on how to install and use this smart lock, see the following YouTube video.


  • The lock is easy to install
  • Comes with many extra features included
  • It is strong and durable
  • The app and lock are quite easy to operate


  • It only works with a deadbolt lock
  • The lock is a bit pricey
  • You have no door alarm included


An alternative to the Smart Lock Pro will be the Smart Lock also from August Home, which comes with a much lower price tag. But you will need to add a Wi-Fi bridge if you need remote access to the smart lock at home.

Even with the Wi-Fi bridge’s price, this lock will still be much more affordable than the more expensive Smart Lock Pro. If you are on a tight budget, this lock will provide you with the great features that come with smart locks from August Home.


As you can see, the Smart Lock Pro is a great lock to have installed on your front door to provide you with convenience and safety included. It would have been even a better lock, though, if it had a door alarm attached to it for that added safety factor.

Check latest price on Amazon and Read Reviews

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