Best Android Apps for Astrology 2019

Best Android Apps for Astrology 2019 :Horoscopes by, True Horoscope ,AstroSage Kundli and more

You believe in horoscope or you want to know your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly horoscope details on the go but confused to choose which android astrology app better suits your requirement then stop your worry and start reading our review, we will help you with best reviews on best android astrology apps available from play store .

Best Astrology app : Horoscopes by

Horoscopes by

You can get access to over 30 diverse categories of free daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes all through a touch-friendly zodiac wheel. Easy gesture-based activities allow you to swipe through your horoscopes with the browse of a finger; by subscribing you can even receive daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes in your email. This is really an interesting app to have in your android phone.

You can download this App : Android

Best Astrology app for social networking: True Horoscope

True Horoscope 2016

True Horoscope conveys you daily horoscopes messages right to your Android phone. You can read the horoscopes of you, your friends, and relatives and it also offers weekly/monthly horoscopes, astrology horoscopes for the current year, widget support. You can share your horoscope in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, SMS and more.

You can download this App : Android


Best for Indian Astrology: AstroSage Kundli


AstroSage is based on Indian Astrology, and it has many features like Vedic astrology, predictions and personalized horoscopes, PDF download support, moon sign horoscopes, Shodashvarga with all 16 divisional charts, and many more. AstroSage app was designed with mobility and instant access in your mind, so you can take all the information with you on the go with eventual convenience.

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You can download this App : Android


Best Graphical experience app: Astrologer


Astrologer is an astrology app with exciting graphics with eye catchy designs. With this app you can simply see all zodiac signs in a list format with a little avatar, each inclosing personality traits, physical appearance, characteristics of the male and female species of that zodiac sign, behavior at home, behavior at work, as a parent, general, and much more. You can also see yearly horoscopes and monthly horoscopes as well on the go.

You can download this App : Android


Best  for numerology and astrology app: YourSelf



Yourself is an astrology app that wraps up details of numerology and astrology into one easy to use app. It gives you the capability to learn more about yourself, family, and friends through numerology and astrology. It appears to have a little bit of an outdated UI design.

You can download this App : Android


Best Graphics category: Zodiac And Astrology

Zodiac And Astrology

Zodiac and Astrology app features a visual interface with art and big pictures, with all the zodiac signs divided out into their own categories. It features zodiac reading, a Chinese zodiac with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, Numerology, Palm reading, tarot reading, birthday horoscopes, sign comparison and more.

You can download this App : Android


Best Personalized app: Personalized Astrology

Personalized Astrology

If you wanted to get more in touch with a more personal approach to astrology, that’s what Personalized astrology app tries to do for you. It features a free customized birth horoscope, while also giving you access to daily horoscopes, biorhythm and biorhythm compatibility, numerology and numerology compatibility, astrology charts and reports and more.

You can download this App : Android