Best Apps Like Flipagram, BoyAhoy, Instagram, DipTic, GarageBand, iMovie, ShopKick, Tinder, Vine

Top 10 Best Apps Like Flipagram, BoyAhoy, Instagram, DipTic, GarageBand, iMovie, ShopKick, Tinder, Vine

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Tumblr, in this technology driven era, everyone wants to share their best moments with friends. A number of photo sharing apps are available on Google apps store, but flipgram is considered as one of the best app to create a striking pictures and short videos including pictures from Facebook, Instagram and from your personal camera album. While the best part of the app is that you can add your favorite tunes to your self-made short videos before sharing with your friends.  Not only this, with Flipgram you can also deicide to set a fixed timing length between your videos by giving them your favorite color, size and font size.

10 Apps like Flipagram 

If you are bored of using Flipagram and you want to shift to its alternate then do try Molomo. Yes! Like Flipagram, Molomo also allows you to crop, rotate, resize and edit all the pictures from your mobile’s camera album.  Unlike other apps, Molomo have many filters to make photo editing more original and striking. With this, you can also share your edited pictures with the Molomo community on its own social networking site, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After Photoshop, Picasa is one of the most popular tools used to edit, crop and manage pictures.  The app helps you to upload, manage, and mark your multiple pictures on your mobile so that you can easily view them from on your mobile.  Picasa also facilitates you to use web so that you can download, share and set your favorite pictures as wallpapers on your mobile. User-friendly, PicasaTool allows you to upload the photos taken on your android directly to your Picasa account.

For all those, who love to keep themselves updated on various social networking sites, Instagram is the most easily accessible tool to make eye-catching photos. This app is simple, fast and gives you the preeminent photo effects. With more than 10 special filters, edges, brightness settings and details, Instagram allows you to publish your most attractive photos instantly on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr.

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Photo filter mania
With more than 30 innovative camera effects and 50 amazing filters, photo filter mania allows you to publish your gorgeous snapshots directly on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  Also the app, which is also known as Instant Effect Fx,  let you to merge two or more effects, including attractive frames, text with original sources and, at last, it give you to share your picture with two different options like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram.

Facebook Photo Download & Save
While chatting with friends on Facebook, you may found an extraordinary picture of your friends that you immediately want to save, but as your mobile phone does not have the screen shot feature so you can’t save it. Facebook Photo Download & Save is the answer to your problem. Easy to use, this app certainly helps you to save the images published on the Web on your phone or memory card.

Unlike other photo editing apps, Pikura with its variety of themes allows you to get unpredictable results.  In Pikura, along with clicking original and artistic photographs, you can also participate in the app challenges. This app allows you to post your pictures on Pikura and other networking sites. Pikura also allows you to have your own profile, followers, likes and comments on your images, almost same as you do in your favorite chatting site Facebook.

InstaCollage Pro – Pic Frame & Photo Collage & Caption Editor
Willing to tell your fascinating stories via incredible photo frames, interesting captions designed in exclusive 2D &3D collages?  Just go to Google apps and download InstaCollage Pro – Pic Frame & Photo Collage & Caption Editor.  With its 2D &3D collages, this app also gives you the option of using new cute and cool stickers every week to add more beauty to your favorite pictures. This app also helps you to promptly fuse multiple sized photographs into single superbly framed image, with an eye- catching caption. You can share this master piece on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

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Pic stitch
With up to 32 different layouts, Pic Stich swiftly joins multiple snapshots into one superbly framed picture. The app also have the ability of creating 15 various photo feature ratios (1×1, 4×6, 3×4, 5×7, 9×16, etc). Once you have designed an amazing photo using this app, then you can export it to any installed application on your mobile that accepts JPEG images.

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