Best eCard Apps For Every Occasion 2022 (iOS, Android)

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Planning to send an ecard during the holiday season or to a friend on a celebratory occasion? Sending an E-Card is made easier with eCard apps for iOS, Android. With the best ecard apps you a wide range of cards for every occasion.

These e-cards can be handcrafted and are sent online or via mail through the app. You can add certain cool features to your card and customize it to your personal taste and preferences. How cool is that?

Best Greeting Card Apps

Below we have listed some of the best apps for sending eCards on Andriod and iOS phones.

1. Punkpost  Handwritten Cards


Punkpost app designed by punkpost Inc. features beautifully designed cards and the messages is handwritten by a real-life professional scripter. Download the app, pick your card, type your message, and add specials like a delivery date and decorate your message with confetti, glitter. Press send and the card is ready the way you want.

The message can be handwritten in any language including emoji with pen and ink onto an exclusive Punkpost letter-pressed card of your choice. Your hand writer will even send you a photo report of the finished product. The cards are designed by professional artists and there are cards for every occasion like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Friendship, Love.

Import your contacts from your phonebook, Facebook and save them for future use. For instance, if you send cards to your dear friends frequently, the contact is at your fingertips. No need to type the email or mailing address every time.

You’ll find exclusive cards from artists who have worked for the likes of Vanity Fair, Tory Burch, Kate Spade. Choose from five writing styles like Elegant, sweet, fun, simple, and formal. Order your first card for free with Punkpost app.

Download Punkpost Handwritten Cards App For


2. justWink Greeting Cards

JustWink Cards

Are you planning to send a short and sweet card along with gift cards? justWink Greeting Cards developed by American Greetings  lets you personalize and send wonderful greeting cards from your phone to your friends, family, and beyond.

You can send the cards via Mail, Email, text message, Facebook, or twitter. The process is super simple and fun.

Pick the card of your choice, personalize and send it. You can add a voice message to your card and it will be sent to your loved ones.

justWink features all occasion categories like birthday, thanksgiving, thanks, anniversary and even random notes. Most of the cards are available for free on justWink.

Add your own note, drop in a photo, and even add your own finger doodle signature. Primo pack are available with 12 cards in each pack. Send personalized quotes to friends and family with a voice message and make a memorable day for them.

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iOS   |   Android

3. Paperless Post: Invitations And eCards

Paperless Post Invitations and eCards

Are you planning an event this festive season and keep track of your big event? Paperless Post Invitations and eCards developed by Paperless Post just the right app for you.

You can design your invitations and send it to your near and dear. Customize beautiful online and paper invitations that reflect your personal style and manage your RSVPs from the app.

You can choose from thousands of unique designs, including cards and invitations from designers like kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, and Rifle Paper Co.

For Instance if you have organized any event, collect your event pictures from all the attendees and upload with a beautiful photo gallery.

You can schedule the delivery of your designed card in future via online or via mail. If you plan to send via mail there are different types of filters that can be applied to your invitations or e-cards.

Create and organize beautiful e-cards just like the store bought cards using Paperless Post app.

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4. Felt Cards

Felt cards app developed by Felt LLC. lets you experience the personal way of sending greeting cards practically. Designing the most elegant cards is at your fingertips. The cards are handwritten, then sealed, stamped and mailed just like you do it in reality. Felt cards are 4 x 4.5 Polaroid-style designs called card frames.

Felt Cards

You can send just one frame or connect up to four frames to create an accordion-style card. I personally like Felt cards accordion style feature.

For instance, if you have a most memorable photo underlined with a beautiful story, it can be designed as a card and save it as a keepsake.

Card Frames come attached in an accordion fold perfect to display. The cards have perforated line that can be separated easily. You can also send visa gift cards along with your card.

Felt Cards are sealed in a paper envelope and sent to the chosen recipient. Save all your contacts in the Felt handwritten Address book.

Your designed cards can be saved as drafts for you to come back to and to finish later. Get the feel of handmade cards with Felt cards.

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