Best Free Mac Antivirus Software 2022 Protect Yourself Against Malware, Adware And Spyware

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“Macs don’t get viruses”, If you’ve had a Mac long enough, you’ve probably heard this line before. There’s just one big problem with it: it’s not true. Macs do get viruses.

Just like PCs, they can get hit with malware, adware, and spyware. And just like PCs, they need to be protected with solid antivirus software. There are alot of free Mac Antivirus softwares that you can use to protect your device.

Free Mac Antivirus Software 2022

Here we provide you the best antivirus packages you can get to protect your Mac.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac

 Comodo Antivirus for Mac
Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo antivirus is a right choice for Mac based OSX PC from virus, malware and Trojan horse Automatic updates combined with drag-and-drop file scanning and easy scheduling make this an antivirus package that anyone can use, regardless of their level of tech savvies. The software also includes a Security Level slider that lets you easily adjust how much protection you receive, so you can tailor it to your needs.

What You’ll Like About Comodo Antivirus for Mac:

  • Very Easy and user friendly interface for maintaining daily tasks
  • Application level on access scanning to block threats from your applications
  • Instant scanning, one click complete system scanning and scheduled virus scan
  • Real time updates on virus definitions on regular basis
  • Unique slider to change the security level easily
  • Quarantine system to isolate suspicious files

Download Link: Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Avast Free Mac Security

 Avast Free Mac Security
Avast Free Mac Security

If you’re on a Mac running OSX, You need 128 MB of RAM and 750MB of disk space. Then Avast Free Mac Security is best antivirus packages for Mac, Avast has a large name to live up to. While slow-down would likely be unnoticeable in day-to-day usage, it does show that you can’t get the maximum performance out of free software. However, most users won’t notice the difference, so it likely doesn’t matter very much.

Avast uses a multi-platform sensor network in combination with machine learning and big data analytics to make sure that your virus definitions always include the latest threats. This level of protection is one of the best you can get with free software, and the decently low use of system resources makes Avast a top contender.

Attractive Features of Avast Free Mac Security for Mac:

  • Continuous flow of micro updates to keep virus definitions up to date
  • Larger user base to improve product from constant feedback
  • Privacy when using public Wi-Fi

Download Link: Avast Free Mac Security

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Avira AntiVirus for Mac
Avira AntiVirus for Mac

Avira protects your Mac from both OS X-based malware and threats that target PCs, giving you a solid amount of coverage. While this might be a deal breaker for some, it’s hard to argue with getting effective antivirus software for free.

Maintenance is made easier by Avira’s easy scheduling, which lets you choose when your computer is scanned for new malware. You can set it to run on any day and at any time you like, meaning you can have it run once a week or every night, depending on how much of your system resources you’d like it to use.

What You’ll Like About Avira Free Antivirus for Mac:

  • Best engine with artificial intelligence to provide protection against daily threats and advanced malware.
  • Advanced scanning system which protects Mac from emerging threats
  • Complete protection when surfing on internet
  • Avira Phantom VPN,Scout browser, Browser safety add on for additional protection

Download Link: Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

AVG AntiVirus for Mac

AVG AntiVirus for Mac
AVG AntiVirus for Mac

AVG comes with a number of easy-to-use features, like automatic file scanning, drag-and-drop file scanning, and automatic updates, making it easy for you to make sure that every file on your computer is free of malware. In AV-Comparatives’ test, AVG detected 100% of the tested Mac- and PC-based malware, making it a solid selection for virus detection. The testing team also praised the software for its easy-to-use and straightforward interface.

Some users have found it to use as much as two to three times as many resources as a lighter-weight client like Avast. Still, the level of protection that it provides is tough to beat. Why worry Even if you don’t use an Android phone, someone could become infected if you manage to get one of these pieces of malware. So AVG takes care of such issues as well.

Attractive Features Of AVG Antivirus For Mac:

  • AVG comes with additional features like AVG cleaner which cleanup your clutter, It Free up disk space, Tracks down duplicate files
  • Blocks Android,PC and Mac Threats
  • Real time background protection and automatic database updates.

Download Link: AVG AntiVirus for Mac

Sophos Antivirus for Mac

Sophos Antivirus for Mac
Sophos Antivirus for Mac

Sophos main antivirus software as being able to detect both old and new threats that are meant for Macs and PCs, and provides automatic updates that keep your definitions up to date. The anti-malware strength of Sophos’ Mac antivirus software comes from the fact that the technology used is the same as the tech behind their business-class antivirus software.

The very simple interface makes it easy to scan your files when you need to, and the built-in quarantine manager lets you make decisions know what to do with infected files. Though the protection offered by Sophos is top-notch, that protection might take a toll on your computer’s speed.

Attractive Features Of Sophos Antivirus For Mac:

  • Supports all Apple Mac hardware including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air
  • Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition for Mac detects both Mac and Windows malware, and is backed by Sophos Labs
  • Sophos’s global network of highly skilled researchers and analysts, protecting businesses from known and emerging malware – viruses, Trojans, spyware and rootkits
  • Sophos Labs ensures that Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition can even proactively stop brand new unseen threats before they can install on your Mac.

Download Link: Sophos Antivirus for Mac

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