Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

When you’re gaming on your PC, every stroke you make on your keyboard is vital. That is why having the right gaming keyboard is so very important. You need that tactile feel to help ensure you are hitting the right mark. So, we have gathered together some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards and will take an in-depth look at them below.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Reviews

Redragon K552

The first gaming keyboard we’re going to look at is from Redragon, and it is the K552 mechanical gaming keyboard. Not only does this keyboard look cool, but it also offers great functionality to improve your gaming experience.


The Redragon K522 is a compact gaming keyboard that is built with high-quality components and materials. The keyboard uses Cherry MX Red linear switches and is fitted with a LED RGB backlight. This LED RGB feature gives the gamer 19 effects, two game modes, and six color modes.

When it comes to the keyboard itself, it is fitted with 87 anti-ghosting keys, and this includes a dozen multimedia keyboard keys. There is a lot to love about this keyboard, including its compatibility with multiple Windows versions, Mac options, and all computers in gaming consoles.

Fitted with a brush aluminum backplate, this keyboard is not only comfortable but durable. In addition, the compact design helps increase the overall portability of the unit. This, coupled with the wide range of RGB options, F-key functionality, and built-in splashproof capabilities, make this an excellent option for just about any type of gamer.

That being said, we think a few issues will detract from the overall quality of this keyboard. Though we like the quality of the USB cable, it is not detachable, which takes away from the transportability of the piece. On top of that, the keyboard’s feet are thin and designed with little to no grip, which may be a problem for more aggressive gamers.


  • The keyboard is crafted with a brushed aluminum backplate that helps increase durability
  • Designed with a variety of RGB options
  • Compact tenkeyless design for a smaller footprint
  • Crafted to be splashproof, which offers a level of protection that surpasses many of its competitors
  • Unit is fully F-key functional, which gives it more usability


  • The keyboard’s USB cable is non-detachable, making transport more difficult
  • Feet on the keyboard are thin and do not have a good grip
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Havit Mechanical Keyboard

The next mechanical keyboard that we think is an excellent option for gamers is the 104 key wired model from Havit. Crafted with many of the standard features like floating keys and heightened sensitivity, this keyboard also comes with plenty of other great additions that may stand out amongst the crowd.


The Havit mechanical keyboard comes fitted with 104 blue keyed switches for optimized speed and feel. It also comes designed with multiple RGB lighting effects, including 14 backlight modes. This helps improve the aesthetic of the keyboard, which is important to many gamers.

The keyboard is crafted in high-quality aluminum and comes with a detachable wrist rest so that no matter how long you are grinding on your game, you will be comfortable. Versatility is another word that comes to mind with this keyboard as it is compatible with all operating systems.

For us, the biggest draw about this keyboard is the keys themselves. All the keys are fully anti-ghosting with full key rollover for faster and more precise keylogging. On top of this, the keys themselves are not overly noisy, which makes them great for gamers playing in a full house.

The keyboard itself is fantastic although it is not perfect and so we thought we would share with you some concerns that we have about it. This unit has plenty of RGB lighting effects; however, they are not customizable, which may be a problem for some gamers. Other than that, the fact that the keyboards do not use Cherry MX switches could also cause some gamers some concerns.


  • The keyboard is designed with fully anti-ghosting keys that have full key rollover for smoother play
  • Designed with a metal construction for enhanced durability
  • Unit is crafted with a detachable wrist rest
  • RGB lighting options offered in a wide range
  • Keys on the keyboard offer reduced noise


  • The unit does not allow the gamer to customize the RGB color of the unit
  • Key switches used in construction are not Cherry MX
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Razer BlackWidow Elite Keyboard

Razer is one of the better-known names in gaming peripherals, so it is not surprising that at least one of our choices comes from this brand. The BlackWidow Elite has multiple variations that come with several different switch types, so the gamer can choose the responsiveness and style they like.


When you’re gaming, you need speed and accuracy to get the job done, and with this mechanical keyboard, you get a model that has an attack tactile feel but with limited noise. All the keys need is 45 G of actuation force, and they will react, which means quicker response time in the game.

Not only does this keyboard come with a magnetic wrist rest for improved comfort, but it is also highly customizable. From the RGB lighting enabled by razer chroma to the razer hyper shift, which allows you full programmability of the macros, this keyboard offers a level of personalization that is outstanding.

On top of all of that, there are a lot of other great features, including the fact that this keyboard includes media controls which is not always the case with gaming keyboards. Plus, for those worrying about clutter and organization, this keyboard is designed with a cable management system that will make you happy.

There are just a few things that we think should be addressed before you make your final decision. The keyboard, although highly programmable, does not come with any dedicated keys for certain functions. This could both be a positive and a negative, but for those that like plug-and-play options, this keyboard may not be a good choice for you. Also, the USB passthrough is not USB 3.0 compatible.


  • Unit is crafted with multiple different types of switches for improved responsiveness
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort, including a detachable hand rest
  • All keys on the keyboard are macro programmable for enhanced customization
  • The keyboard is crafted with media controls, setting it apart from other gaming keyboards
  • Designed with an excellent cable management system that helps with a clean aesthetic


  • Keyboard is designed with absolutely no dedicated keys for specific functions
  • Unfortunately, the USB passthrough is not USB 3.0 compatible
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Corsair K60

The next entry on our list comes from a well-known name in gaming peripherals, Corsair. The K60 pro mechanical gaming keyboard is designed with a whole slew of features that will elevate your gaming experience. 


On top of cherry mechanical key switches, it is also built with a customizable perky RGB backlighting for a smoother aesthetic. Overall, this keyboard is smooth-looking and durable. Using a brushed aluminum frame and finished with black anodization, it uses Cherry Viola mechanical key switches for smoother linear travel and precision strokes.

The keyboard also comes with Corsair’s patented software that allows for upgrades, including key remaps, custom macro programming, and lighting control. This gives the gamer height and customization on top of the optimized control. Speaking of control, the unit comes with fully anti-ghosting keys that are full N-key rollover.

When it comes to the K60, we really appreciate the dedication and focus that the designers put on the keycaps. Not only are they double-shot keycaps, but they are low profile, which makes them easier to press and also gives the RGB lighting scheme more visibility.

There are, however, some issues present in the design of the K60s. Though we love the keys of both the caps and the switches, some gamers experienced a slight key wobble, which could decrease the responsiveness. Other than that, the lack of onboard storage for personalized profiles is a little disappointing.


  • The keyboard is crafted with PBT double-shot keycaps which enhance durability and give the unit clean legends
  • Reduced wrist fatigue thanks to the detachable wrist rests included in the build
  • Unit is crafted with a high-quality rubber cable for extended life
  • Crafted with low profile keycaps, this keyboard’s RGB capability is on full display
  • Keyboard can be upgraded with the use of iCUE support (macro recording)


  • Some gamers have experienced slight key wobble, which could decrease responsiveness
  • The keyboard is not designed to store personalized profiles on board
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HK Gaming GK61s

Our last keyboard is a wired programmable keyboard from HK Gaming. It comes in a wide range of colors and switches, which gives it a heightened level of versatility and usability. In addition, the keyboard is a compact 61 key option that is perfect for gamers on the go.


This compact keyboard is small and comes with a lot of customization options. The RGB backlighting gives the gamer millions of color combinations and the impressive Gateron mechanical switches make this a great choice.

The keycaps are crafted in double-shot ABS and, if so desired, are easily changed out for the keycaps of your preference (there is even a keycap puller included in the package). On top of that, the unit can record macros through proprietary software and allows even more personalization.

The build of the keyboard is also quite fantastic as it comes with pre-lubed stabilizers, which help with precision responsiveness, and a detachable USB cable so that you can store it easily when going from place to place. Along with this, the unit is crafted with a built-in microphone, and because of all this, the price tag is quite surprising.

Though we really do like the build overall, there are a few features that we aren’t in love with. The biggest of these is the fact that the keyboard is constructed without a kickstand which will result in wrist fatigue over a long gaming session. Other than that, we are a little annoyed that the switches are only able to be switched out for other optical switches, but that is a minor issue.


  • The keyboard is crafted with Gateron hot-swappable optical switches that offer lightning-fast gaming
  • Unit comes with pre-lubed stabilizers for precision responsiveness right out of the box
  • Comes with a detachable Type-C USB braided cable, which enhances portability
  • Crafted with a built-in microphone feature that elevates the usability
  • Price versus value is outstanding and competitive with its competition


  • Unit is not crafted with a kickstand, so it is less comfortable to use than some other models
  • Optical switches are only interchangeable with optical switches
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Final Thoughts

That concludes our look at some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards on the market today. Choosing the right keyboard could mean the difference between a pleasant gaming experience and a not-so-pleasant one! So we hope that we have helped you find the right mechanical keyboard for you and your gaming needs.

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