Best Optimizer Apps For Your Android Phone

Sometimes you may found that your Android device gets hanged or it stops working because of lot of apps, file or temporary files stored in it. So, to avoid such incidences it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. Also sometimes it can be found that if you have few number of apps or files, your Android device will still slow down. this is because of the cache file, residual files, junk files etc.

Maintaining and cleaning the Android devices after a certain time will help to prevent slowdowns and also give more free space. This will give you faster performance and smoother operation of your device. So by using Optimizing Apps you can easily avoid such problems.


Today,in this article  i am going to discuss about some of the best Android Optimizer Apps. Let’s take a look.

Android Optimizer Apps

Clean Master

Clean Master app is from Cheetah Mobile. Here you will get the cleaning and optimizing tools as well as the maintenance tools. Clean Master help you to clean app cache, residual files, search history and also you can uninstall un-used apps. Also it will protect your privacy as the phone may erase your personal data such as messages and more.


Also it has an in-build antivirus program which scans your device for threats and removes it. The app manager allows users to backup APKs, move apps to the SD card and uninstall apps.

Click Here, to Download Clean Master from Google Store.

DU Speed Booster


Du Speed Booster is another mostly used optimizer app. You can easily boost your android device and speeds up the operation.Also it has a trash Cleaner that will clean the app cache and junk file cleaner for cleaning all the junk files, a one-touch accelerator that will accelerate your phone, app manager, an antivirus and also it has built-in Internet speed test facility. Through DU Speed Booster’s junk file or cache cleaner, you can easily free up your internal memory space.

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Click here to Download Du Speed Booster.

Advanced Task Manager

With Advanced Task Manager android app  you will be able to view and remove unwanted or unnecessary processes of RAM, also speed up your phone, and you can save battery power of your android device. It comes with a feature to automatically kills the tasks that may slow down the phone every time your screen goes off. Also this app has the feature of quick un-installation and battery manager.


It will display the status of your battery and battery life. Features like Android Optimizer, Startup Kill, Auto-Kill Processes are there.

To Download, Click here Advanced Task Manager.

Android Booster

Android Booster is another optimization app for your android device. It is best as your Android assistant to clean as well maintain your android device. This app will help you to increase the speed of your device, kill ongoing processes that can slow down your phone and save battery completely.


In addition Android booster has battery manager utilities and one click optimization feature, and this will make it one of the best optimization apps for your android device.

To download, Click Here.

Android Assistant

Android Assistant is another the mostly used and popular optimization tools that can improve your android phone’s performance to a great extent. You will able to see the CPU usage as well as memory and battery usage. It has many features that will make it one of the best boosting tool for your android device.


To download click Here.

There are many other optimizer apps available which are also be a good choice as an android optimizer app, but these are the really some of the best optimization apps for your Android phone which helps to boos your device and speeds up your devices operation. Hope you like it.

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