Best Free and Interesting Puzzle Games For Android 2019

Puzzle games for Android: Android is today one of the most popular OS in the world with millions of new users every year. Android being widely used all over the world, but there are some strong reasons behind their popularity. Developers are working day and night to bring more applications every day on the play store. Similarly, if you are Android user and looking good Puzzle games for Android smartphone, we are going to share you some of the addictive puzzle games for Android.

With winter chills running through, most of us will be spending a lot of time huddled up indoor with our gadgets and gizmos. Keeping in mind with more time to spend indoors we tend to play a lot of puzzle game as it helps a lot to spend time easily. Puzzle games basically go round and round and are large enough and even exciting to keep us busy with the puzzle for hours.

Puzzle games for Android can be very hard and fun at the same time, which can be good enough to spend your time or refresh your mind. Few of the puzzle games helps to sharpen our mind which helps us mentally to develop our brains and thinking capacity.

Few Of The Best FREE Puzzle Games For Android:


Feeling bored and Want to freshen up your mind? Want to try a little challenging game?  Some of the puzzle are perfect to pick for taking a break from the daily grind, and also just as well, they’re often a great fit for pocket-sized devices due to their emphasis on you brain and also strategy rather than fast-paced action or any flashy graphics and also, sure enough, the play store is also stocked with great options.

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little tiles meet adorable, super-powered bears in a weird and wonderful Alphabeat. It is a word building game where you have to put in the word together to create the word, the more the words the more the fun.your aim is simply to fill in the gaps with word of meaning and at the end the bigger the bear the more the points at the end.

Four Letters

If you enjoy word games then this is for you but don’t want to stay over one simple word or every turn to next level? Try FOUR LETTERS. this game is all about speed where you have to put in as many words as possible to make a sensible word.Each completed word extends your extra points and you can also avail bonus multiplies if you get a group of the word with meaning.

You will also be given a focus of short words, Four letters might seem like an easy game but as you advance ahead you will notice a compensating hardness in the game. you have to then put out with a couple of tense and tricky. It ranges from a nice word to an average and jaw-breaking words which evenly paces up to let the game tease with your brain.

Two Dots

Two Dots can be a game that shows how simple can be a premise and also a free-to-play game. It can be expanded out into something truly challenging and engaging. Like it’s older brother Dots, this puzzle game is all about connecting circles; you can draw a line between nearby circles with the same color without touching the other ones and you also need to remove a certain number of each listed color.

though it doesn’t take much time for the concept to evolve but it surely does take brains to figure out lines that become boxes, and then you also have few of them which become bombs, fire, and anchors in the gameplay. two dots has a whole load of content which is nearly 400 stages  as of this writing and  gorgeous design outside the minimal game boards and it has a grat freebie option to let the player choose what they want to play.

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Amongst few of the games, there is a the Drop7 command kind of devotion fans of drop7 where you need to  endure throughout  the year. the main objective of the game is the complex number of puzzles that requires a real attention to detail, and not like trees. here you have to drop discs onto a connect four-like board, and if the number of discs matches the color of the discs around it the total number found in the row or column, the whole side is cleaned with points.

Naturally what makes this appear on the board are the affected by each and every chain reaction with the different contact with each other.This, in turn, can change the whole racking up a huge score requiring you to put in obsessive attention to detail, but it is certainly rewarding.

So these are the list of the few best free puzzle games for Android. Enjoy this games staying indoor and kill your time with this amazing games throughout the winter if you think there should be any puzzle game that I missed any.Share and leave a comment below if you liked this article. Thank you and enjoy playing this amazing puzzle games.