Best Smart Backpacks: Top Recommendations for 2022

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Finding the right backpack for the tech-savvy person is not always an easy feat, so we made a list of the best out there. You will find that not all smart backpacks are made equal, so you need to choose among these which one is the best.

Keep on reading this review to find out which one of these best smart backpacks will be ideal for your personal preferences and needs.

Smart Backpacks Reviews

Comparison Chart

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KORIN ClickPack Joy Anti-theft BackPack Laptop Backpack 15.6 inch with USB Charging Port Large Capacity Waterproof TSA Friendly Travel College School Student Travel Business Work Computer Backpack
41EomWPzswL. SL500
Anti Theft Travel Backpack, Business School Bookbag with USB Charging Port for Men & Women Fit 15.6 Inches Laptop (C-Grey)
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Matein Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant College School Computer Bag Gifts for Men & Women Fits 15.6 Inch Notebook, Grey
418P8SlFqfS. SL500
BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack 15 inch USB Charging Backpack for Men Water Resistant College Laptop Backpack Office Anti Theft Backpack Smart Computer Backpack Black
410mJ1QDn+L. SL500
YOREPEK Backpack for Men,Extra Large 50L Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port,TSA Friendly Business College Bookbags Fit 17 Inch Laptops,Black

Design Flexpack Pro Flexible Smart Backpack From Korin

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If you are looking for a backpack with great safety features included, the one supplied by Korin is ideal for you. It also comes loaded with a wide range of great features to make up for the high price tag attached to it.


The Flexpack Pro backpack from Korin is made from high-quality materials that will last for a very long time. The fabric it is made from also provides you with a water-resistant feature to keep your items safe in case of accidental spillage.

With the interior foam padding that is built into the fabric, you have more protection for your valuables inside the bag. The backpack’s overall construction is durable and will not easily tear to improve the longevity of the backpack.

You also have a number of small form storage sleeves available inside the backpack to provide advanced space management for your valuables. With the wide opening design, you can easily put your items inside the bag and remove them without any obstructions.

A USB charging port is also included with the backpack, so you can easily charge your mobile devices on the go. This is also the reason why there is a dedicated sleeve for the power bank included with the backpack from Korin.

However, the zippers on the backpack get stuck easily because of its squarish design.


  • A special pocket for power bank included
  • It is equipped with strong and durable zippers
  • There is an RFID blocking sleeve included
  • Safe to use with an anti-theft lock


  • Comes with a high price tag
  • The zippers get easily stuck when in use

Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Backpack From Oscaurt

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A backpack that will help to improve the interior space management of all your valuables is a handy addition for the traveler. It is also made with durability in mind to withstand the normal daily wear and tear you may throw at it.


With the nice-looking design, this backpack is not just functional; it also displays well to give you improved aesthetics. It is also very ergonomic, so you can easily carry this backpack on your back for long hours on the go.

The dedicated laptop sleeve included with this backpack will help provide proper protection for all your electronic devices. It comes fitted with velvet fabric to protect against sudden bumps and an elastic band to keep your devices secured in one place.

With the wide-open factor of this backpack from Oscaurt, you do not need to worry about obstructions when you need to remove something. This is great for those times you do not have ample light to see what is going on inside the bag.

It also comes with a reflective strip at the front for safe traveling at night or at times of low visibility. Also, a luggage strap is supplied so you can easily attach the bag to a large suitcase to keep it all in one place.

The main storage compartment of this backpack is a bit on the small side.


  • It has a nice ergonomic design for easy carrying
  • The backpack has a wide-open factor included
  • It comes with a lightweight and compact construction
  • Soft and easy to use shoulder straps attached


  • It has a small main interior size
  • There is no RFID protection

Travel Laptop Backpack Provided By Matein

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This versatile travel laptop backpack from Matein comes with great features included to make your traveling easier and more fun. This backpack is also available in two sizes, the 17-inch format and the 15.6-inch size.


With this backpack from Matein, you have many colors to choose from, so you can easily select the color you like the most. This means you can also have more than one of these bags at your disposal, so you can have different options for different outfits.

This backpack’s large interior space makes it versatile to be used for many different traveling and hiking applications. It can be used for traveling as well as for backpacking and camping. It is also suitable to be used by all types of students.

Inside the backpack, you have different sleeves available that can be used for a wide variety of storage options. There are also two large compartments available, so you can easily manage your storage space and evenly balance your backpack.

The shoulder straps are easily adjustable to make the backpack suitable to be used by many different-sized people. These shoulder straps also come with soft padding, so you will not get tired of carrying the backpack for a long time.

There is, unfortunately, no padding included at the bottom for added protection or to prevent water seepage.


  • It is available in many different colors
  • Comes with a large interior space
  • Lots of extra storage sleeves included
  • The backpack comes with a heavy-duty and durable construction


  • There is no padding included at the bottom
  • Not the best quality zippers

Slim Laptop Backpack From Bopai

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This backpack is made for your laptop in mind to provide added protection for all of your valuable electronic devices. The slim design of the backpack makes it easy to conceal and store in a small space when it is not in use.


The professional design of this laptop is ideal for those people who do not want to have the student look associated with them. It also displays nicely so it will not downgrade your environment to improve your overall businesslike professionalism.

With a water bottle holder included with this backpack, you can also travel with fluid to keep you hydrated all the time. The water bottle holder can also be concealed when you are not using it, so it will be out of the eye.

This backpack from Bopai is made from strong and durable materials, so it will last for much longer to provide you with many hours. It is designed in such a way that it will not cause your back to sweat while you wear it, thanks to the breathable option included.

To further add to the overall quality of this backpack, the zippers are strong and easy to open and close. You also get extra zipper grips included in different colors so you can change the overall looks of your backpack.

Unfortunately, it is small and will only be suitable for smaller notebooks and iPads.


  • It is made with a breathable design
  • Made with a strong and durable construction
  • Easy opening and closing zippers
  • Great for laptop protection option


  • It is not suitable for larger laptops
  • There is no power bank included

Extra Large Travel Backpack From Yorepek

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With a lot of storage space included with this backpack, you can easily use it to travel for a very long time. With the extra different-sized storage sleeves included, this is a versatile backpack that can be used for a wide variety of traveling applications.


This backpack provided by Yorepek is available in black with up to six different color strips added to choose from. This makes it a versatile backpack to be used with a wide variety of outfits if you need to have more than one of them.

It also comes with a very large interior size, so you can carry whatever you want to inside this backpack. You will also have no shortage of storage space for all your accessories and devices with the extra storage sleeves included with it.

If you need to be in a hurry passing customs, this backpack comes with a TSA-friendly design to open wide and freely. You also have different compartments included, so you can easily manage the internal storage of the backpack.

Furthermore, there is a USB charger hole as well as an earphone hole included where you can easily listen to your music on the go. These features mean that you can keep your devices safely inside the backpack while you can still enjoy the features.

You have only two sizes to choose from, and this backpack can easily be overloaded to become too heavy.


  • There is a luggage sleeve included
  • Comes with an earphone hole
  • This backpack is water-resistant
  • Comes with a TSA-friendly free opening feature included


  • The backpack can get heavy when fully loaded
  • Only two sizes to choose from


The best of the best smart backpacks is the Flexpack Pro provided by Korin. It is well-designed and functional. Closely behind is the extra-large backpack from Yorepek, with excellent features but an affordable price tag.

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