Best Websites To Make Cartoon Of Yourself- Cartoon Look Alike

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Every one of us like Cartoon character. In our childhood, we spent a lot of our time watching cartoons even most of us still watch cartoons at their adulthood like me. So it gives the cartoon lovers an immense pleasure if they get their own image look alike as their favorite cartoon characters. Cartoonize face also helps to protect your privacy.

Also, you can use your cartoon image or avatar as a profile/display pic in any kind of platform.

There are many websites available through which you can make Cartoon Look Alike of yourself. From that big lists I have listed some of the best websites to make your own image Cartoon Look Alike.

Let’s take a look.

Websites to Make Cartoon Look Alike

  • Manga Avatar Face Maker

Manga is one of the popular free sites to create cartoon look-alike characters of yourself easily. It is very easy to make cartoon characters of yours using the tools available there with simple straightaway and effective interface. Through this you can choose your skin color, eyes, mouth, hair styles and many other things. So we can say that its a best site to make a perfect cartoon avatar of yourself.

To go to the website click Here.


This is another website where you can create a cartoon look alike, animated character of yourself. On you can create cartoon avatar of any kind of photo, landscape. You need to do is to upload the image you want in animated and the website takes care of the rest. There are also other features like Fun effects, Face retouch, Instant Fix your image you can use to spice up your image.

                                          Before                                           After

                            Make Cartoon Version Of Myself      How To Make Cartoon Version Of Myself

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  • WeeWorld

WeWeorld is another website where you can easily create a cartoon character of yourself. To create your cartoon avatar visit the site and follow the instructions to easily create a cartoon character of yourself.

To create your cartoon character, you have to choose your desired face cut, hairstyles, dresses, eyes color, shoes and many other stuffs. It is a great and simple website where you can create your desired cartoon avatar.

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  • PickaFace

PickaFace is a cartoon creator website where you can create cartoon avatars/characters of yourself.  To create an avatar first you need to select the language and gender of your avatar and then you can start editing your avatar’s face as like as you want.

Pickaface Make A Cartoon Avatar-Character

Its pretty simple and easy to use. Additional features on the site also allows you to customize the avatar as you like. Also there is a feature that can help you to change the size and color of each and every object. You need to create an account.

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  • Portrait Illustration Maker

It is one of the most used free cartoon avatar generator website through which you can create your look-alike cartoon character easily. All you need to do is to hit the “Randomizer” button. After that the site will automatically generate avatar randomly.  You can also modify the Avatars manually.

Cartoon Potrait Illustration Maker

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  • South Park Studios

In South Park Studios, you can create a south park cartoon character.  Your look-alike avatars easily and simply you can use it as your profile/display pic. Mix and match character traits from your favorite south park character or create your own unique avatar, the choices are endless. You can also select from a variety of backgrounds and add in a meme to make your creation more unique. Checkout the character I created below

Make South Park Cartoon Character

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  • Custom Anime

Custom Anime is the another popular website through which you can create cartoon  avatar. This is one of the best website for your anime cartoon look-alike avatar or to make cartoon of yourself. Anime fans will love this site as it gives you a chance to have some fun by making their own custom anime avatar. You can customize the body appearances as you like. You can select the avatar’s hairstyle, shirts, trousers, shoes, ties and many other things. Overall, it’s a great site to create an anime cartoon look-alike avatar. Checkout the anime character we created below.

How To Create Cartoon Anime Cartoon Character

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These are the some of the best sites for cartoon look-alike generator. As you can see there are many good websites which you can use to create your cartoon look-alike character.