Best White Gaming Keyboards: 2022’s Best Picks

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Gamers need special keyboards to improve their overall gaming skill as well as their KD ratio while not getting tired quickly. The keyboards listed in this review look great in white but also come with great features included to make your overall gaming more fun.

But these keyboards also need to be able to withstand the manhandling gamers will throw at them in the heat of a battle. Go with us through this list of some of the best white gaming keyboards to see what they have to offer.

White Gaming Keyboards Reviews

Comparison Chart

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard – USB Passthrough & Media Controls – PBT Double-Shot Keycaps – Cherry MX Speed – RGB LED Backlit – White
41XqtarIadL. SL500
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, K1 LED Rainbow Backlit Keyboard with 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard for PC/Laptop(White)
41TIaKy9u0L. SL500
RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Triple Mode BT5.0/2.4G/USB-C Mechanical Keyboard, 61 Keys Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, Compact Gaming Keyboard with Software (Hot Swappable Blue Switch, White)
41NKwJJnoCL. SL500
Redragon K530 Pro Draconic 60% Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth/2.4Ghz/Wired 3-Mode 61 Keys Compact Gaming Keyboard w/100% Hot-Swap Socket, Free-Mod Plate Mounted PCB & Tactile Brown Switch
41J6QKPWcnL. SL500
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Ultra Slim Combo, TopMate 2.4G Silent Compact USB Mouse and Scissor Switch Keyboard Set with Cover, 2 AA and 2 AAA Batteries, for PC/Laptop/Windows/Mac – White

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard

You can not do wrong to choose this well-designed gaming keyboard to take on the enemy for a victorious outcome. Corsair keyboards always instill trust and peace of mind.


This keyboard is made with durability as well as reliability in mind to deliver what it claims to do every time you use it. With PBT keycaps included, this keyboard will be durable enough to last for many years while the caps easily resist chemicals.

With a wrist rest included, this keyboard will help prevent early fatigue while you are typing away with ample rest for your hands. It is made from a soft and durable material that will help your hands not sweat too much on a warm day.

To make it easy for you to clean your keyboard thoroughly, a cap pulling tool is included with it for your convenience. For the gamers out there, the keyboard’s fast response rate of up to 1000Hz will help to improve overall reaction time.

With a durable and strong top-grade aluminum construction, this keyboard will last a long time to provide many happy hours. Out of the box, you can feel and see the durability this keyboard comes with, while it also displays nicely with the RGB background lights.

However, this keyboard is a bit noisy, and it might disturb some people if you are working in a populated area.


  • Easy macro assigning of special keys
  • Very easy device drivers and software
  • Lightweight and durable frame construction
  • Has a full design with all necessary keys included


  • It comes with a high price tag attached
  • The keyboard is a bit noisy

Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo From Megagee

41XqtarIadL. SL500

This full-size easy-to-install plug and play keyboard can be used on a variety of different setups for your convenience. With high durability and an ergonomic design, this keyboard from Megagee can easily withstand the manhandling you may throw at it.


With this keyboard provided by Megagee, you also get a mouse included in the set to save you money and effort. Both the keyboard and mouse are wired and easy to plug in at the USB port for quick plug and play installation.

There are a lot of extra functions included with this keyboard to make it easier to use for a variety of configurations. It comes with easy macro setups for special keys to make life easier for avid gamers and professionals.

With a raised structure, this keyboard is ergonomically designed so your hands will not get tired too soon while using it. This means you can keep on gaming for many hours, improving your overall skill as well as the kill-to-death ratio.

For the professional typers out there, these keys are very quiet, so you will not disturb colleagues too much. It also is responsive and quick, so you can easily improve your overall typing speed and accuracy with this keyboard.

Unfortunately, you are stuck with rainbow colors when you use the keyboard because you do not have any options to change them.


  • You get a mouse and keyboard included in the set
  • Raised structure for better ergonomics
  • The keys are reasonably quiet
  • Comes with very responsive keys


  • You cannot change the backlight colors
  • There might be some quality issues

RK61 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard From Royal Kludge

41TIaKy9u0L. SL500

If you are working on more than one device and you need one keyboard to save space, this is the one to go for. This keyboard from Royal Kludge is ideal for professional designers and avid gamers for optimal performance and user experience.


When you use this keyboard for typing, you will find it presses easily and is very responsive with a satisfying click. This will help to improve overall gaming skill and speed for those who want to use it to improve their gaming reaction time.

You can easily connect this keyboard to up to three devices at a time to save both time and space. The dual connection options of wired USB, as well as wireless Bluetooth, make it even more versatile and functional.

The mini and lightweight design of this keyboard makes it easy to carry it with you wherever you may go. With this keyboard, you do not need a soft keyboard if you are a traveling writer or gamer.

Equipped with the blue tactile switch keys, it provides you with that satisfying feedback click and tactile feel. With the wireless connection option, you will not have that cable in the way when you need extra space.

You need some time to learn all the functions to be able to have access to all the shortcut keys you may need.


  • Comes with dual connection options
  • Easily connect to up to three devices at a time
  • A functional and versatile keyboard
  • The keys are easy to use


  • Comes with only one color backlight
  • It is a bit difficult to learn to work with it

Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless And Mechanical Keyboard

41NKwJJnoCL. SL500

With such an impressive name and the brand supporting it, you can expect a lot from this keyboard. The good thing is you will not be disappointed with the superior and durable design as well as the high-quality of the keyboard.


This keyboard is designed to provide a hot-swappable option for brown switches that will be much quieter when in use. It is also designed to last up to 50 million presses to drastically improve the keyboard’s overall longevity.

Easily switch between a wireless or wired power option with the dual Bluetooth and USB connection option at your disposal. With a wireless connection, it is ideal for the traveler, and with a wired connection, it is perfect for gamers.

The connection options available to you make it easy to connect with a wide variety of devices without any trouble. It will also allow you to connect to more than just one device at a time to streamline your overall productivity.

For versatility, you have up to 13 presets available onboard for the RGB backlight to make it easy to customize. With the Pro driver and millions of colors to choose from, you can create your own combinations for a much better display option.

However, there are only 61 keys at your disposal, and you do not have a Numpad included with this keyboard.


  • Comes with a strong and sturdy base
  • The RGB backlights are customizable
  • Comes with a long USB cable
  • It is compatible with all operating systems


  • Only 61 physical keys at your disposal
  • There is no Numpad included with this keyboard

Ultra Slim Keyboard And Mouse Combo From TopMate

41J6QKPWcnL. SL500

With a lightweight design, this full-size keyboard will be easy to use, with very little need for function keys to get the job done. With the standard wireless connection and overall compatibility, this keyboard is a good choice for gaming and other typing applications.


This keyboard comes with very quiet keys included to not disturb other gamers or typers in your vicinity. The suspended chocolate buttons are very quiet when pressed for a much more comfortable working environment for your convenience.

A slim portable design makes the keyboard easy to use in a variety of setups where it will not require a lot of space. This slim construction also makes it easy to be used by travelers, where it will easily fit in your laptop bag or backpack.

It is designed to be used with most desktop PCs, laptops, or notebooks. It will also very easily connect to all these devices if you are using the most popular operating systems for PCs.

The ergonomic design of this keyboard will help to not tire your hands too quickly while you are using it. This means you can type away the whole day on it or use it for long hours for gaming without getting tired.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a palm rest included, which detracts from the keyboard’s overall comfort.


  • A silent keyboard
  • Made with a slim and portable design
  • It is compatible with most operating systems
  • This keyboard is easy to install and operate


  • There is no palm rest included
  • It is not compatible with other mobile devices


In the number one spot is none other than the Corsair K70 rapid-fire gaming keyboard that comes with a great overall design. It also comes with a full keyboard layout to make it much easier to use with the Cherry MX switches included.

In second place, we have the Megagee full keyboard designed for the avid gamers out there. It comes with a gaming mouse and it has an affordable price tag attached for those gamers working on a tight budget.

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