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The history of Smartwatch has been dated long back to 1994 and ever since then the evolution has been rapid and impressive. In the past few years, giant companies like Apple, Samsung, Motorolla, Pebble, Sony, LG, Huawei and many others have come with their Smartwatches of which some were well received and some were not.

The reason for the failure in the field of Smartwatches was because they were too costly or they are just not good enough to impress the users. Apple and Samsung of all have had a tremendous success which is mostly because they are integrated with their Smartphone tech. There are some individual brands like Pebble, FitBit etc which sustained in the market with their featured tech integrated to both Android and iOS platforms that can be sync using their custom App on the respective platforms.

All these Smartwatches have been forcing us to choose between them unless you have enough money to purchase Smartwatches that you need at times and situations. And by times I mean switching when transferring from Android to iOS or vice versa and using different Smartwatches while workouts, Office Work, Partying and so.

Now, what if I say there’s a Smartwatch that has all the Qualities and can be used in almost all the situations? Yes! Blocks Smartwatch is about to hit the market soon and it sure as hell going to challenge the top brands that are just settling down.

About Blocks Smartwatch:

Blocks Wearables Ltd, a new Startup company that has been working on a Smartwatch to fit almost any situation. A demo video of the watch has been demonstrated on KickStarter and no wonder the project will reach its goal in no time. As of now, the Block Smartwatch project has crossed $1,124,546 and backed by 3.6K backers with 21 days to go. If everything the watch is the way it is described, then this Smartwatch could be a revolution in the Smartwatch era.

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How Blocks Smartwatch Works:

There are only two parts to the watch, one is CORE and the other is chain formed by MODULES. Now let’s get deep into what a CORE and MODULE is and how are they are designed to work together as great Smartwatch.

Blocks CORE

The CORE has a neat and Simple dial fit into a lug, that is pretty much similar to any of the Smartwatches today. Some of the key features of the Core are:

BLOCKS: A Revolutionary Modular Smartwatch Of The Era


  • Can be connected to your Smartphone and get Notifications
  • Help track activities without any integration to your Smartphone.
  • It has a beautiful touch screen with delightful colours.
  • Blocks CORE can be connected to other devices using Bluetooth.
  • Wi-fi connectivity enabled with ease.
  • Control the Apps, Activities and other services with Voice commands.
  • And finally a 1.5 Day Battery life.

There are just some key features of the CORE, the main part MODULE is everything that makes the Watch what it is.


The chain of the Blocks Smartwatch is formed by connecting different modules depending on the wrist size. A Module is literally a Chip that is integrated with a specific set of activities or functions. To mention few, there is a Battery module which has its uses just to provide extra battery services to Blocks Smartwatch. There are several modules such as

BLOCKS: A Revolutionary Modular Smartwatch Of The Era

Blocks Module

  • Heart rate monitor Module
  • SIM Card Module
  • Fingerprint Module
  • Air Quality Module
  • Adventure Module
  • GPS Module
  • NFC Payments Module
  • ECG Module
  • Flash Memo Module
  • Camera Module
  • Gesture Contol Module
  • Haptic Module and etc.

You can choose between the modules to customize the watch with the required services. Users might find it difficult to change the modules often but if the Watch provides great services, it worth the module shifting.

We wish Blocks Wearables Ltd All the best!