Chrome 53 for PCs Released, Material Design To Windows And Chrome 53 For Android Rolling Out Soon

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Chrome 53 Update from Google

The Chrome 53 from Chrome team has announced quite a few things recently. From natively building Google Cast into Chrome, to phasing out Chrome apps – it’s been a hectic couple of weeks.

Now, Chrome browser version 53 has graduated to the stable channel, and the update is already rolling out to Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

The company has declared that the rollout will happen over the coming weeks.

Chrome 53 brings the usual bugs and security fixes, but it also introduces Material Design for Windows users.

The first to receive Material Design were Chrome OS users, followed by Mac users in April (with Chrome 52 stable channel), and now finally Windows users get the redesign.

It comes with a dark theme for Incognito mode, a flatter design, distinct edges, and better icons.

Those who don’t like the look can try Material Hybrid instead, or, just switch back to normal via chrome://flags.

How To Upgrade From Chrome 52 To Chrome 53

If you already have Chrome installed and has not been prompted to install the update.

Go to Settings > About > Check for updates.

Key Features of Chrome 53

  • Chrome 53 for Android and Chrome OS is scheduled to arrive soon as well.
  • Based on the beta channel, Chrome 53 for Android is expected to bring a host of new features like auto play for muted videos.
  • However, Chrome will detect all those videos that auto play with sound and pause them for the user to hit play manually.
  • There’s also a new Payment Request API that is similar to autofill.
  • Support for commerce sites has been rolled out, and other sites will get it soon.
  • Material Design to Windows and Mac users.

Other Updates From Google Chrome:

As stated earlier, Google is discontinuing Chrome apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux users by the end of the year.[adinserter block=”10″]

Only Chromebooks will support Chrome apps next year, as Google insists they play a ‘critical role’ in Chrome OS.

Google has also announced that it will start to de-emphasize Flash in Chrome in favor of HTML5 from this month onwards.

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