Cloze Complete Guide: How Does Cloze Work & How To Use Cloze?

Cloze: Introduction

Founded by Dan Foody and Alex Cote, Cloze is a very useful web application working towards making your professional and work relationships a lot easier through an array of useful features and services. With the primary goal being maintaining the essence of the relationships we share with our work and people at work, Cloze is here to be a perfect support that we all desperately needed.

We all, working in the corporate world, are busy people, and when it comes to building professional relationships, we are experts on that by now. If you have decided to visit our website, we know you are one of them looking for a permanent solution to managing all that hectic work and those new professional relationships building up every day. We aren’t saying that you hate that and want to get rid of it, but aren’t you all looking for an easy substitute to all that, which somehow allows you to spend a little bit more time on other important things?

One of the most crucial things we have to master, to be called top level professionals, is creating work relationships with other people. However, their nature is very flexible, some of them stay with us for a very long time while there are many that ends with just one e-mail exchange or a phone call or may be a Tweet. A few among them become close to us and we remain co-workers for an extended period while others just go away from our lives in a blink. The point being, who is important at this point of time may be nobody to us just one second later. Why is this so easy to understand and yet so hard to grasp?

The technology has evolved in the last few decades to an extent that deals worth of millions is taking places between two people who are sitting in the opposite corners of the world. If so much important stuff is there waiting for your attention then why would you actually mess around with the less important stuff? That’s why Cloze is here.

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Cloze is a step forward in this regard and very efficiently and smartly eliminates all the busy work that you hate and keep things as simple as they can be.