Complete Guide: How To Use Splitwise On Android and iPhone Devices

Splitwise On Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone):

The Splitwise by Splitwise Inc. is a great platform that helps the users to Split and Share Bills, Expenses and IOUs.

Being available as an app on Android, iOS, and the Web version, the bill sharing is made easy everywhere and anytime.

The interface of Splitwise on the Web is quite simple as that of the Mobile version. The ease of use makes the app the best among those of the same kind.

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Complete Guide: How To Use Splitwise On Mobile PhonesKey Features Of Splitwise

  1. Quick add Contacts to Split and share Bills, Expenses and IOUs.
  2. Use Phone number or email ID to add contacts on Splitwise to split and share bills.
  3. Create groups to share common expenses and regular expense among all the Group members.
  4. Splitwise displays both the amount you owe and the amount you are owed and a total balance that you will get/you are in debt.
  5. Quick access contacts and groups to share and split quickly.
  6. Monitor each and every split activity from the Activity tab.
  7. Maintain your personal profile as professional profile.

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A Complete Guide To Setting Up Splitwise On Your Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone)

Follow the steps  below to setup the app on your Android or iPhone device.

Step 1: Download The App From The Respective Store

  • The Splitwise app is available for free on both the App Store and Play Store making it much easier for the user to download the app.
Android  |  iOS
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the Splitwise app, open it on your mobile device.
  • The Welcome screen displays two options. Either to register or to Log in if you are already a registered user.
  • Now, Login if you are a registered user, if not, register by entering your email id and desired password. Or you can do it by going to the web version of Splitwise and registering there.
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Step 2: Create Your Splitwise Account

  • Once your account is created, you’ll be redirected to a basic options page and you will be given two options, one to “Add Your Apartment” (if you are living in an Apartment) and other to “Add a Group Trip” (if you are going on a group trip with bunch of friends and are willing to share the expenses). Or you can simply skip this process by clicking on “I’ll Do This Later”.

Step 3: Activate Your Splitwise Account And Split And Share Expenses

  • If you are shown a Welcome screen, that means you have successfully created and activated your account, and you are ready to Split and Share Bills and Expenses.

Step 4: How To Add a Friend On Splitwise

Complete Guide: How To Use Splitwise On Mobile PhonesYou can use the “Add Friends On SplitWise” option displayed right above the bottom menu bar from Friends menu to add friends, or you can click on the ‘+‘ button at the center of the bottom menu bar.

By doing so, you will be redirected to a page where you can add friends to Split or Share Bills and Expenses.

If your friends are already using Splitwise, then you can simply add them from your Contacts list, and if your friends are not on Splitwise, then you can invite them to download the app and start using the Splitwise.

Step 5: How To Create a Group On Splitwise

Go to Groups menu from the Bottom Menu bar and you will be given an option directly to create a group. So, you can create a group based on your Apartment or Group; you are on Trip with or any other group that you are involved with. [adinserter block=”2″] If you are already added to any group/groups, then a list of Group or groups will be displayed in the Groups menu.

Step 6: How To Split-Share A Bill-Expenses With A Friend-Group

  • Complete Guide: How To Use Splitwise On Mobile PhonesClick on the ‘+’ button at the center of the bottom menu bar and enter the names of friends you want to share the expense or bill with (If you want to share the expense with a group, just select the group from the list displayed or search for the group that you have created).
  • Now, you will have to provide a bit of information to make clear while you split the bill so that there is no further confusion on what the bill is or who paid the bill. So, follow this basic steps carefully.
  • Give a simple and short description so that it is understandable to everyone you split the expense among.
  • Add the amount as exactly as it is on the Bill.
  • Click on the “Paid by you and split equally” option to enable advanced options where you can select if you are owed or you owe to your friend or both owe equally so as to split the bill equally and also who paid the bill. So, select the appropriate option to split the bill and click on SAVE button on the top right corner.
  • That is it! You have successfully split a bill with your friend.
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  • If your Splitwise is filled with too many bill shares and you are confused whether you are involved in the expense or not, then you can simply go to the Activity menu and check the complete bill split activity that you are involved in and comment on the bill that you do not owe or trouble recalling the expense date or event and let you friend know that you don not owe that particular expense and help him update the Split.
  • In case if you have split a bill to a friend who isn’t involved in the bill, you can simply click on the Split from the Activity menu and edit the Split, where you can change the amount or add and remove friends.


Click on the “ME” button to access your personal profile where you can change your profile picture, Change password, adjust notifications settings, contact Splitwise support or Log out.