Design & Specs| popSLATE 2 – Better E-Ink Display & Charges Your iPhone

popSLATE 2:

PopSlate 2 offers protection with style. It is an extended screen for iPhone. Protection is the first thing people think about, after making a huge investment on a smartphone. Make no mistake, a phone is an investment which pays not in money but in awesome and pretty experience. Smartphone cases have seen almost all shapes, with a variety of innovations put into their build. Now comes popSLATE. popSLATE2 not only adds a protective cover to your iPhone but also helps you operate your phone in a smarter way. It acts as a second screen to your iPhone. That is innovation, having a screen on the case.

Design & Specifications

popSlate 2 has a micro USB charging point to charge case. It takes two hours to charge it, but it lasts for seven days. That is impressive, I must say. It stays active even if your phone dies, an interesting thing to be noted. It has a perfect camera opening cut and on the side, it has a groove for the power button, which is perfectly carved out. On the another side, you get a volume button. You’ll face no problem whatsoever with the port openings on the far side. popSLATE2 is super thin and adds just 0.16” thickness of your iPhone which is just about nothing. popSLATE2 comes with a battery bank which can give you an additional 9 hours of talk time or 4 hours of browsing. It is like giving superpowers to your phone.

Key Features Of popSLATE 2:

popSLATE2 has a button which is used to display different images, so you will be able to see different images by cooking this bundle rotate through them. The only sad part is picture display only in grayscale. It helps to personalise your case so that you can make your phone looks new every day. popSLATE2 comes with an e-ink display which works as an extended screen for your iPhone and provides real-time updates without you having to unlock your phone constantly. In fact, you can easily jump between apps without unlocking your phone. This just makes your iPhone into a snappy app house. Easy access wallet is another interesting feature. You can scan your loyalty cards, flight boarding passes, concert tickets, gift cards in an instant and in a convenient way.
Your information is always just a glance away. It is instant, versatile and ready. It’s everything you need at a glance. You can use the case as an e-reader too. Saves you from buying and carrying other gadgets. You can look into News headline, Instagram, today’s calendar, to-do list, social sites and what not! And all that without digging into apps. It is almost like a smartwatch, but with a 5” screen. It’s everything you need at a glance, indeed.

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Why Get it?

  • Long battery life which everyone looks for it.
  • Instant updating.
  • Shatterproof protecting from falls and bumps.
  • Anti-glare screen.
  • Always on display.
  • 200 DPI Resolution.

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