Download The Blitz Breaker For iOS And Android

The Blitz Breaker developed by Goodnight Games Llc is a fast-paced, twitch action game that is all about the survival of humanity in a destroyed cyber city. The Blitz Breaker game is designed with simple graphics and a mean chiptune soundtrack by Fat Bard is a perfect fit for the gameplay.

Download The Blitz Breaker For iOS And Android

A cute little robot named Blitz is struck in a factory where it was actually built. Everything in the factory is trying to break him except a friendly computer called the chip. You play as the tiny robot Blitz and you need to survive from the destroyers. You cannot run but can only jump, and can perform an air dash in one of 4 directions. If you collide with an object that doesn’t break you, you can dash again. The gameplay seems to be simple at first and becomes challenging as you progress. Your timing and reacting ability is all matters in the game. You will get stars as you survive successfully and these stars can be used to unlock additional heads to dress up your little Blitz. Your exploration leads you towards secrets and keys to portals driving you to even greater challenges. Some of the best features of The Blitz Breaker game is 101 hand-crafted levels, simple controls, four boss levels to challenge and conquer and 25 heads to discover and collect. How long can you survive? You will certainly be teleported into the cyber city while playing this amazing The Blitz Breaker game.

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