Download King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare For iOS And Android

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Long-awaited game King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare has finally arrived on mobile devices.

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare developed by FunPlus is a real-time action-adventure multiplayer online game designed with amazing HD graphics.

The King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare has a very impressive story and the gameplay is a blend of strategy, base-building, and action.

Download King Of Avalon: Dragon Warfare For iOS And Android

At Camlann battle King Arthur is murdered by his disloyal nephew Mordred. His body has been taken to the sacred isle of Avalon along with his sword, Excalibur. The throne is empty and the city needs a true king. You are a City Lord caught in the middle of the confusion.

If you can obtain King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur you can become the king. But first, you must survive and grow strong. For that build up your bases, gather your armies, learn skills, train your dragon and research technologies to help you.

Make friends and enemies online while winning the battles. you can help other players, chat with them trade and wage war with them all around the world in real-time. Form an Alliance with other City Lords to improve your chances of success. The battle for conquering the kingdom has started and it is your opportunity to become a successful king.

Key Features of King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

  • Amazing HD graphics.
  • Impressive storyline.
  • Massive multiplayer online game.

Download King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare For

iOS   |   Android

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