Best Free Game Of The Week: Mushroom Wars 2 For iOS

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Mushroom Wars 2 developed by Zillion Whales is an action-packed real-time strategy game and is a sequel of the most popular Mushroom Wars game.

Mushroom Wars 2 is designed with visually stunning graphics accompanied with suitable music and the gameplay is all about battling and conquering the enemy villages.

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Mushroom Wars 2 Game

In the sequel to Mushroom Wars; Mushroom Wars 2, you take the role of Mushroom commander and choose your army to battle against the enemy villages. You will be given missions to complete and as you complete the missions, you will go to next level. Completing the missions depend on the hero you choose. So choose wisely before you are conquered.

The gameplay is so addictive and challenging as you conquer the enemies. You will be battling with tiny villages at first and fight against towers, Forges, and Morales. Mushroom Wars 2 layout is super simple for the first few levels, but it will be very tricky as the game progress.

You need to master on how to use your fingers while battling with the enemies. You can view the statistics of your game and your avatars on the top corner of the screen.

Mushroom Wars 2 game can be played in challenging single player modes and multiplayer modes. Single player mode features include Four campaign episodes, one per each mushroom tribe, new environments, battles on swampy forests, sunny grasslands, mysterious caverns, icy plateaus, or windy foothills, epic boss fights and customize difficulty settings for more challenging or easier adventures.

Multiplayer mode features include 8 heroes of 4 different mushroom tribes each with unique skills, fight with adjacent friends in 4-player battles, co-op action gaming, leagues, ranked matches,and award system to drive collaborative play. You can invite your friends into the game through iMessage and send animated Mushroom Wars 2 stickers, ReplayKit enabled live streaming.

Key Features of Mushroom Wars 2 game

  • Single and multiplayer modes.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Custom games where you can try new strategies with up to three friends in free-for-all or team-based matches.

Checkout the gameplay footage below

Download Mushroom Wars 2 For


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