Download and Play Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur For iOS, Android, and PC

Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur is a popular game that can be played without unlocking your phone.

Meet Steve, the hopping dinosaur, he lives on your phone, in your browser.

Play with Dino Steve at whatever time, anyplace, by simply dragging down from the top on your screen to uncover the warning focus and your new dino-companion will be there sitting tight for you!

Presently you can play with more characters… Steve welcomed his companions! (Furthermore, they’ll continue coming again and again).

Make him hop and maintain a safe distance from obstructions to get the highest score.

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Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur has been Featured on TechChrunch, been #1 on Product Hunt games and Mashable App of the day in iTunes. It has also appeared in Mashable, Recode and on multiple sites in USA, China, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, India.

Download Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur For iOS

After downloading Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game, you can open the app to see how to play. Then head over to your Notification Center and add Steve to your widget area. Then, just open your Notification Center and he is ready to go. Tap to make him jump over each cactus and score.

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How To Play Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Online On PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) And Mac With Chrome Browser:

Users of Google Chrome can play Steve Dinosaur game when that Web browser is unable to connect to the Internet. Chrome browser displays an error message with a little black-and-white dinosaur. Pressing spacebar on the error page allows you to jump over obstacles such as cacti, birds.

Game developer Iván De Cabo, developed the game over the course of one weekend, and classifies the game as “ultra-casual.” Steve Jumping Dinosaur was produced as a tribute to Chrome’s easter egg amusement, the pictures were made by Sebastien Gabriel.
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