Top 6 Fastest Web Browser for Your Android Device

Browsing internet can be faster on any Android device if you use the fastest web browser for Android. Many a times browser also makes so difference in browsing speed, Android being most popular and highly flexible there are varieties of options. When it comes to the fastest web browser for Android or games or varieties of App.

Web Browsers are the most important apps for your Android devices to connect to the world wide web. It is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the Web. So its always necessary that the browser you use have the speedy one.


Not all the browsers have the same speed to browse the internet. That’s why i have listed some of the best web browser for your android device so that you can browse faster. These browsers are selected based on their rapid loading times and streaming capabilities. Let’s have a look.

Fastest Web Browser for Android:

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is the default browser of Android OS and also one of the fastest browsers available. If you’re a PC version chrome user then you can easily sync it with your mobile devices and all of your PC’s bookmarks and passwords can be accessible from anywhere. Also there is a facility to switch the Tabs with a swipe gesture.

features like Link Preview allows you to zoom in to multiple links so that you have to ensure by click on the right one.

Chrome available in Google Play store

In, incognito mode you can browse secretly. No history can be saved. I personally suggest you to use this as your default browser for your android device.

UC Browser:

UC Browser is one of the best and fastest web browser. It is developed by Chinese mobile Internet company UC Web (also known as UC Mobile). It uses the technology of cloud acceleration and data compression. It follows the process of proxy that compress the data of web pages before sending them to the users. This is why it can load web content faster. This browser’s feature is that it can support multiple file format downloading and HTML5 as well as Cloud synchronization.

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So this is the browser through which you can get a fastest web browsing experience and also it manages downloading features well and you can customize this with the themes as you like.

CM Browser:

CM browser is another mostly used and popular fastest browser for your android device. CM Browser is developed by the CM Security app. With this browser you can load the web pages on your Android device within  0.6 seconds on Wi-Fi networks, and it is a great feature as the page comes with a loaded images and walls of text. Video streaming is also of good quality without any interruption.


You can also customize its interface like, you can choose themes as you like. The size of the app is very small and it will be a great advantage for its users as it consumes less space. Also it can warn you about the suspicious APK files, before downloading them.

Next Fastest Browser for Android:

Next browser is another great Android browsing app. The interface of this browser really looks great and a simple one and is very smooth when it comes to the browsing experience as well as speed.  Next Browser is very fast and its size is also small. It takes very small time to open any website.

next-browser-android Fastest Browser for Android

It has features like: it uses less memory and also consumes less power and  well voice recognition. Also it is enabled with offline reading. You can customize your home screen as you like.

Opera Browser For Android

Opera Browser for Android is one of the fastest browser for Android. It is more faster as compared to Opera Mini browser. This browser’s design is some what like opera mini but it is expanded with many features. It is also capable with a new engine that makes the loading times a short one.

Opera browser

The new bookmark features of it are really good to look at. It has a special feature Off-Road mode which keeps you online even on slow or congested networks. It the is compatible with both the devices i.e phone as well as tablets.

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Dolphin web Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser, which supports multi-touch gestures is one of the popular web browsers for android. However, it is not as fast as the previous ones, but it has really a good set of features which one cannot neglect.

fastest web browser for Android

It is enabled with tabbed browsing through which users can a facility to open and switch between web pages with multiple tabs.  It also supports voice recognition and gesture browsing through which users can draw characters to call specific websites.

There are many other browsers available which are also fast but these are the list of fastest web browsers for Android we practically tried.  Try it on your android devices and I hope that you will get really a nice experience with the above listed fastest web browser for Android.