FlowMotion One Ideal Cell Phone Stabilizer To Stop Blurry Videos

Beautiful moments are gone if not captured the best way. FlowMotion One Smartphone Stabilizer is designed to overcome the shaky videos, capture memorable moments and portable in your pocket at the same time.

FlowMotion One is the most versatile smartphone stabilizer ever. Capture professional-looking videos and share them with the world.FlowMotion One Smartphone Stabilizer

Cutting Edge Design:

FlowMotion One is designed with the state-of-the-art control system and algorithms that help to keep your smartphone perfectly stable. By using sensors and advanced 3D stabilization software, three high precision electric motors rotates your smartphone at 1000 Hz to offset vibration and shaking.

Features and Specifications:

FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer has advanced auto follow technology built into the FlowMotion app that allows you to focus on a particular person. Simply mark the person on the screen, and FlowMotion One will follow and keep them in the frame, no matter how they move.

You can live stream your moments in smooth cinematic quality directly to Facebook or YouTube, whether you are skiing, traveling or going to your favorite concert. Mount FlowMotion ONE to any camera mount, GoPro mount or to the optional carbon extension pole. The grip and joystick enable you to control the stabilizer, even while using the extension pole.

FlowMotion One Smartphone Stabilizer

The most important feature of FlowMotion One is that it does not need calibration which I assume is the trick part in stabilizers. Just press on and you’re good to go. You can create stunning motion time lapse videos. FlowMotion One comes with three modes that are suited for different situations. Pan Mode, Lock Mode, and Pan plus Tilt Mode.

In pan mode, your smartphone is fixed in the vertical direction but pans smoothly when you move from side to side. Pan mode is perfect for most situations, either ONE is mounted on your bike or on a FlowMotion pole or handle. In lock mode, your phone is fixed corresponding to all axis and stands perfectly still, no matter how you move. In pan plus tilt mode your smartphone will move smoothly in all directions while neutralizing vibration and sudden movement at the same time.

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Enjoy the full potential of your FlowMotion ONE smartphone stabilizer with the FlowMotion app for iOS and Android. Pair your One with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Access features like motion time-lapse, panorama, and professional video shooting modes or create your own custom presets.

Use the app to view and organize all your media, and keep the product firmware up to date. Adjust settings and save your own presets. Organize, set default shooting mode, and configure the camera to suit your workflow.

Key Features of FlowMotion One Smartphone Stabilizer:

  • Eliminates Camera shakes.
  • No calibration needed.
  • Weighs only 300 grams and fits in your pocket.
  • Auto Follow technology.
  • Motion Timelapse.
  • Designed with premium quality materials.

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Technical Specifications:

FlowMotion One Smartphone Stabilizer Technical Specification

 What’s in the Box:

  • FlowMotion One Stabilizer
  • Grip with Joystick
  • High capacity battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Tripod mount
  • Travel case