Google is Bidding Adieu to Chrome’s App Launcher in July 2016

Bubye Chrome App Launcher

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Google has recently announced that the Chrome App Launcher will no longer be on Windows, Linux, and OS X. This news has disappointed the people who use Google Chrome App Launcher icon for quick access to Chrome applications rather than through the browser itself. However, Google explained that most of the users prefer to launch the applications within the browser, and hence Google decided to get rid of the app launcher.

Google will stop including Google Chrome App Launcher as a part of Chrome browser and by July, this launcher will be gone from Apple, Microsoft and Linux. However, it will remain on Chrome OS. This new update regarding the removal is a part of Google’s continuous efforts to make the browser less stuffed for the desktop users. The users can now launch an app by clicking on its shortcut in the bookmarks bar.

In a few weeks, the browser will no longer be able to launch the newest applications installed by the users by default. The users having Chrome App Launcher will receive a notification regarding the removing of this launcher. Google has given the same reason that it used while announcing the plans to remove the Google Chrome Notification Center. Google felt that only a small proportion of users launch the applications via the launcher, so the removal will make the browser less bloated.