Google Found Multiple Security Flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has been on the top of the list of the biggest smartphone manufacturers arguably, but that doesn’t mean that it is without its flaws. The Galaxy series is the biggest achievement of the brand till date and continues to woo the consumers all over the world. But somehow, Google have found a few security flaws in the flagship Android handset of Samsung, the high profile Galaxy S6 Edge. So there is some bad news for the ones who were looking to get their hands on the phone, ignoring the sky high price. It is not entirely safe!

One of the loopholes that Google observed is extremely sensitive which can be used by hackers to gain a total control of victim’s phone. Imagine all the bad things that can cause!

However, most of the problems were solved immediately once Google notified the company, but most of them are still there somehow. A few bugs, weakened the security system of the Google’s security system, which happens to be otherwise very strong, said one independent expert.

One premier security researcher said that this issue is causing a slight tension between the phone manufacturer and Google, as Google wants desperately to protect its Android brand and when it comes to the security aspect, Google is very strict. Some of the bugs are there only because the manufacturer decides to add some extra softwares into their phones which becomes quite troublesome and further adds the risk of a security breach.

A statement followed from Samsung said that most of the bugs have been eliminated successfully and the remaining ones will be taken care of in the next security updates later this month. With that, Samsung is trying to establish an image of being ‘too sensitive’ about the security aspect as the company further added that maintaining the trust of the consumers is, and will be their top priority.

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The credit of providing the details of the said bugs goes to Google’s Project Zero team, whose main job is to hunt down some unknown security bugs on the computers. The team reported that several of the flaws in the phone could be very ‘trivial to exploit’.

The team said that in the Android phones, many security layers are there to minimize the risks, but the bugs removed some of the layers and made the phone’s overall security quite vulnerable. However, Samsung claimed that they have sorted out most of these issues in the last security update and added that the consumers must keep updating their phone and their apps in order to keep their phones safer.