Google Glass – Uses & Risks – Brief Guide

Google Glass:

Google Glass can accept and reject a call. It can even read and send a text message. It can be used to find out any kind of information on the Internet. It can display the weather reports. It can take pictures and can even share them. It even has live video recording and live video sharing. It can even read and send Emails. GPS tracking and navigation are the two very useful characteristics of Google Glass. It shows reminders. You can upload, download, view and share all kinds of media and files using Google Glass. Google Glass can translate multiple languages. You can use it as an entertainment media to play Online games, watch movies, listen to music, etc. Finally, we can conclude that Google Glass is nowhere less than any standard smartphone or any smart device.

Is Google Glass Useful?

Whatever the product may be, one of the most important aspects to be concerned is the ‘privacy and security’. What good is a product if one feels that their privacy is at stake. If people feel it is creepy, then the secure aspect of Google Glass is just blown away into dust.

One of the main advantages of Google Glass is that it is the most portable and user-friendly device which can even be used while driving. You won’t ever have to worry about getting your hands on your phone and keeping your eyes off the road to catch up with the updates. It performs almost each and every task that a smartphone does. It is a very useful technology for physically disabled people.

Above stated pros can really bring the hype up, but consider the cons too. As it is a very small light-weighted device, it is very sensitive and can be easily broken. The privacy of people may breach with new glasses. The data is directly displayed to the eyes of the users, which cause a bit of eye getting easily tired.

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Concluding about Google Glass, we can see that it has both positive and negative impact on the users and their society. It is a next generation technology and may replace cell phones if the chord is properly struck. Only the time should tell us if it is actually useful or if it is just that fancy thing that only a few people flaunt.