Google Hangouts Chrome Extension: Add, Customize, Hide & Remove

Google Hangouts Chrome Extension:

The Google Hangouts Chrome Extension is an official Google Chrome Extension for the Hangouts. A user can now stay Online, Offline or what ever the desired status he wish to be in and still access all the Chats offline and in Real time in just one simple click.

In the tutorial, we will-will see “How to Install Google Hangouts Extension on Chrome and how to use it.”

How to Add Google Hangouts Extension to Chrome Browser

Go to Chrome Web Store and use the search bar on the top left to search for the Hangouts Extension. The following image is a cropped screen shot of my screen.

Now, once you have requested the search, some App, Extensions and Themes might be displayed. To make sure you are on the right attribute, just click on the checkbox near Extensions option. By doing so will allow the web page to display only Extensions from the search results.

There could be similar Google Chrome Hangouts extensions from the different developer which possibly might contain malware, malicious content. So, please make sure you download the Hangouts Extension provided by Google.Com. The following is what it looks like when you search (en-us).

Now, click on Add to Chrome button. An action pops up requesting the user to either Add or Cancel the previous action. To add the Hangouts Chrome Extension to your Google Chrome Browser, click on Add.

It takes less than 10 seconds for the Extension to get installed and add to the browser. Once the Hangouts Extension is successfully added to the Google Chrome Web browser, the extension opens up and auto login with the default Google Account on the browser.

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There are are cases where users might be asked to sign in to access the Hangouts. It is not a big deal. Click on Sign-in option and log in with your Gmail credentials.

Once the Process is finished, this is how the Google Chrome Hangouts extension looks like in the Google Chrome Web Browser.

Customizing Google Hangouts Extensions:

To customize Google Hangouts Extension, you need to follow some sequence of steps. The first thing you need to do is point the cursor on to the Google Hangouts Extension on the Chrome Browser and Right Click to access the Extension functions and services. The following is how it looks like when you right-click on the Google Hangouts Chrome Extension.

Google Hangouts.

When clicked on it, you will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store with Hangouts Extension opened. Here, you have the options to get an Overview of the Google Hangouts Chrome Extension, Go through the Reviews section, Contact Support and check out the Google Hangouts-related Extensions.


By clicking on Options, you will be redirected to customization of the Extension. The following are the options you get to choose.

  • Show system tray icon: One simple option to Enable or Disable the tray icon.

Removing Google Hangouts Extension From Google Chrome:

If you are not satisfied with the Google Hangouts Chrome Extension or if you find it annoying, you can simply remove the Hangouts Extension with two simple steps.

Right-Click on Google Hangouts Chrome Extension and Click on the “Remove from Chrome” option. In less than 20 seconds, the Hangouts Chrome Extension will be removed from the browser.

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Hiding Google Hangouts Extension on Google Chrome:

When you hide the Hangouts Chrome Extension, it will still run in the background just as it should. The only thing this option does is hide the Hangouts Chrome Extension from the Extensions bar on Google Chrome.

To hide the Google Hangouts Chrome extension, Right-Click on the Hangouts Extension >> Click on “Hide Button” option.

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