Google Maps Update for Android carries Wi-Fi only Mode ,SD card support

Are you a travel guru or you just don’t like using all of your data on the go, Google Maps has you covered. Google rolled out fresh offline features to its Maps app. The new feature will allow users to use Google Maps in Wi-Fi only mode. This will confirm that you don’t eat away mobile data and make use of Wi-Fi hotpots around the place. The feature is not fresh but there are several apps such as torrent downloaders, video downloaders and more, which have the option to use only Wi-Fi for downloading.

Google Maps already lets you save map areas offline so you can browse them or get directions without data, but today’s update lets you choose to store that data on internal storage or an SD card, which is great if you have a phone with partial internal storage that you’ve expanded. Moreover, you can now tell Google Maps to use Wi-Fi only. If you’re traveling anywhere with expensive data, this can be a life (and wallet) saver.

gmap img1

To save a local map to the SD card, users can tap Menu > Offline areas > Settings > Storage preferences > Device > SD card.

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To enable the Wi-Fi only mode feature tap Menu > Setting, and click ‘Wi-Fi only’ option. The Wi-Fi mode will allow users to access data from offline areas that users have already downloaded once.

Previously, Google rolled out a ‘mass transit delay’ notification to benefit daily passengers travelling via buses or trains, by notifying them regarding any service disruption on the route they take on a regular basis.


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