Google Pixel C Review | Display, Specifications, Battery, Pros & Cons

Google Pixel C:

The Google Pixel C is the first ever Android Tablet that is solely released by Google with the latest Android OS, Android Marshmallow. After releasing a bunch of Nexus devices by tying-up with third parties, Google finally decided to release a product of their own in whole and sole. This initiative doesn’t mean that we might not see more of Nexus, it’s just the beginning of a something big and something better for the future.

Coming to the Google Pixel C, it is one big Android Tablet with great so many feature and specifications. The 10.2 inch – LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen is the finest and best you could get for an Android tablet. It isn’t just the display, the Pixel C has features which have the Critics say that it could be a genuine competitor to the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4. However, it can totally replace the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Sony Experia Z4 tablet with a carbon copy performance of an iPad Air 2.

Google Pixel C Specifications:

Google Pixel C Display

The giant 10.2 inch LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors is the finest of displays an Android Tablet has ever had. The Screen-To-Body-Ratio of Google Pixel C is ~72.4%, which is quite higher than Sony Experia Z4 (~69.7%) and iPad Air 2 (~71.6%). The resolution of Google Pixel C is 2560 x 1800 pixels (~308 PPI pixel density) which is also comparatively higher than the Experia Z4 (2560 x 1600 with 299 PPI pixel density) and iPad Air 2 (1536 x 2048 with 264 PPI pixel density).

Google Pixel C: Platform & Memory

The Google Pixel C is delivered with OS, Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, the latest of the OS available making it the only device other than the Nexus line (Nexus 5x & Nexus 6) to have the version of the OS. The Chipset is Nvidia Tegra with 256 Maxwell core and 4K video capability making Google Pixel C the only Android Tab with 4K video feature.

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With a 3GB RAM, highest for any Tablet, and a 1.9 GHz Quad Core processor, the Google Pixel C is craving to deliver the best performance that it can to the Android Tablet users. However, if you are planning to store a lot of data on the device, ten you must look into it because the Google Pixel C comes in a 32 GB and a 64 GB versions with no external card slot which is not sort of Google type but I see where they are going with it (More like Apple’s iPads).

Google Pixel C: Camera & Battery

The 8MP rear Cam and with a focal length f/2.4, Google Pixel C can deliver a decent camera experience to its users. It is not something a user should be worried about because Camera for a Tablet is mostly used to snap pictures locally and video calls for which the 8 MP Google Pixel C is way more than acceptable. The front Cam is 2MP which is quite less making it key lacks of the device.

Coming to the battery, the Google Pixel C has a 34.2 Wh battery which can deliver a 72 Hour Standby time approximately and 10-14 hour work time. You can also watch videos for as along as 18 hours. However, A 3GB RAM can always be an open threat to the battery.

Other Key Features Of Google Pixel C

The Google Pixel C has no cellular connectivity. It has a 4.1 v Bluetooth and a Type C USB reversible connector. The Tablet is made available in one color, Silver Aluminum, as of now. The Google Pixel C has HTML 5 integrated browser and a non-removable battery.

Google Pixel C Pros:

  1. Display (10. 2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen)
  2. OS (Android Marshmallow 6.0.1)
  3. CPU (Quad Core Processor)
  4. Bluetooth (V 4.1)
  5. USB (Type C Reversible connector)

Google Pixel C Cons

  1. Memory (32GB / 64 GB with no External Card Slot)
  2. Primary & Secondary Camera (8MP & 2MP respectively)
  3. Battery (32.4 Wh – Non-removable)
  4. No Colour Variations (Available In Silver Aluminum Only)
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Google Pixel C Final Verdict: 

The Google Pixel C is one of the best Android Tablets available in the market today and I would always recommend you to go with an Enterprise product. The reason for that is, Google will always have its devices updated with latest Android OS before Samsung, LG or any other. The interesting thing that you need to look after is that “you have got yourself an Android iPad Pro”, I’m not overwhelming myself over iPad Pro, but you got to accept that iPad Pro is a revolution and Google Pixel C is what you might find as a satisfyingly acceptable alternative.

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