Google Trips – An Ideal Travel App For Trendy Travelers (iOS, Android)

Google Trips Travel App

Do you travel very often? Sometimes we forget to organize information about our travel plans. Keeping the present-day travelers in mind,  Google, Inc developed Google Trips, an excellent app that makes exploring the world easier by organizing your essential travel information in one place and making it available both online and offline.

Google Trips can be your travel guide in exploring the places, recommends what to do next based on your history.

What Google Trips App Can Do for You:

It will gather your travel information from your Gmail automatically and organize to individual trips. Each trip contains things to do, day plans, food and drink suggestions, and much more. Google Trips app saves your flight tickets, hotel reservations, rental car information everything in the app saving you lot of your valuable time.[adinserter block=”10″]

Google Trips An Ideal Travel App For A Trendy Traveller (iOS, Android)

Google Trips even suggest you nearby attractions based on your location and the information about their hours of operation, reviews and ratings from other travelers. Best of all is you can access the app offline.

You need to login with your Gmail account once you download the app and it automatically syncs your past travel history and list of your upcoming trips. When you click future trips, you can find all your reservations in Reservations section. [adinserter block=”11″]

You can get good suggestions from Things to do and save them so that you can access them offline. You can search for your favorite kind of food in Food & Drink and choose the best based on ratings and you can get commute suggestions in Getting Around.

If you are concerned about Google tracking you, then this app is not for you. But if you are ok with tracking, Google Trips app is the best travel guide you can have on your phone. Never miss a place with Google Trips, an excellent travel app for a trendy traveler.

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