How To Change Custom Logon Screen in Windows?

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To Change Custom Logon Screen you can simply follow our step by step tutorial given below. Not always we are interested in using the same pattern of custom login screen, hence, we are providing you the guide for windows. Using which you can easily change Custom Logon Screen in your windows.

Are you tired of seeing the same Logon Screen whenever you open up your PC? Do you want to change custom logins screen in windows? Now you can change your background screen with the one you want instead of seeing your old background login screen. Using any software for changing background is useless. This setting is the bit hidden in windows 7. Just a few steps you need to follow.

Check out easy steps to change Custom login screen in windows

Well, here are the steps which you must read carefully.

Step 1: The process starts with a minor Registry Tweak. Click on the search button and typeRegeditin the search box and press [Enter]. You will see a dialogue box in your screen asking for your permission to open it. Click on the Yes button. 


Step 2: After opening the Registry Editor navigate to the following key.

KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background}. If “Background” doesn’t exist then right click on “LogonUI”, select “New” and then “Key”, and then name the folder as “Background”. Now locate “OEMBackground”, if doesn’t exist, right-click on “Background” then select “New” and then “DWORD”(32 bit) and name it “OEMBackground”.

value data Change Custom Logon Screen

Step 3: Now double-click on “OEMBackground” and set the value to 1. (If you want to revert to the default background, just set the value data back to “0”)


Step 4: Now you need to select your desired image which size cannot be more than 256 KB and its dimension should match with your screen resolution of your PC. If you choose a file of smaller dimension, the image will be distorted and stretched. The image you choose it has to be a “.jpg” file.

Step 5: Now you need to copy this image in the following directory {C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds}

By default, the “info” and “backgrounds” folders don’t exist. After navigating to C:\Windows\System32\oobecreate a folder and name it “info” and inside this folder creates another folder and name it as “backgrounds”.


Now paste the image in the “backgrounds” folder and name the image as “backgroundDefault.jpg”.

windows 7

Now “log-off” your computer and see your new logon screen background. That’s it. Hope you like this article. Thank you.

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