How To Check If Your WiFi Network Router is Hacked Or Not

Do you want to check if your WiFi Network Router is hacked?? Then this guide will provide you with the guide on how to check if your WiFi network Router have been hacked.

Now the introduction of Internet has certainly made our life much easier and we could never imagine to the past even a single day without getting online with the Internet. But on the contrast Internet has also brought many drawbacks to our life and one of the major drawbacks of Internet is getting your personal and sensitive information too much exposed to the World.

And we certainly know that the world can be sometimes very ruthless and we certainly know about all the vulnerabilities that we can face from all the hackers and identity thieves around the Web. Now the easiest way any hackers could gain access to your Computer is by using your WiFi router. Now in most of the cases generally we tend to ignore the security of our WiFi Router, and that is where most of us generally tend to do the mistake of ignoring about our WiFi Network Router security.

Check if my WiFi Network Router is Hacked:

Now generally you might have noticed two different type of URL on your Browsers address bar, one is the HTTP and the other is HTTPS. Now we would want our URL to be HTTPS which stands for HTTP SSL or HTTP Secure and if your Websites are with this URL then the Website is absolutely from any hackers.

This is in the case of Websites that you visit, but the early precaution that you can take is to check whether your WiFi network router is hacked or not.

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How are WiFi Network Router is Hacked:

Now for hacking any WiFi Network is quite interesting, as we all know that every router is protected by Username and Password using which you can log into your Router’s admin page. Now all the default username and password are same and any particular person can get their hands on the Default Username and Passwords.

And now if you have failed to change the default username and password of your Router then any hacker would easily get a access over your WiFi Router, Now once hackers get an access of your Router, it will redirect you to some other fake Websites which look same in design and thus you will enter there all your sensitive data and information.

How Do You Know If Your WiFi Network is Hacked?

Now the best way to know if your WiFi Network is hacked is by using F-Secure Router Checker. It is an online Website that lets its users check if your Router is hacked or not. To use F-Secure Router Checker to check whether your Router is hacked or not you will just need to follow the given simple steps below.

  • First of all, you will need to visit the Website F-Secure Router Checker.
  • Now in the given user interface of F-Secure, you will just need to click on Start Now Option.
  • Now it will take few seconds and you will know if your WiFi Network is hacked or not.

What To Do if Your WiFi Network Router is Hacked?

Now if the result is positive and if your WiFi Network Router is hacked you can just install the routers again and change your login details including username and Password.

Now that is how you will come to know if your WiFi Network is Hacked??And now if you have any problems please leave your queries below in the Comment Section.

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Thank You.