HyperX vs Turtle Beach: A Headset Comparison

Video games are – at their core – designed to be an interactive and immersive experience. Many games can accomplish this through the use of simple features (such as the lack of a pause menu in Dark Souls, which forces you to engage with the experience) or through highly-complex physics-based gameplay, as is the case with many VR games.

Beyond that, however, it is up to the individual player to complete the immersion and truly connect with the simulation. Players can accomplish this by investing in the right bits of hardware, such as gaming keyboards and mouses, or accessories like specially-designed gaming chairs.

It is clear, then, that hardware is just as important as software in immersing a player in the video game experience. Any good hardware set-up will need an equally good headset – and we think we have found two of the best.

Read on to discover our views on both HyperX’s and Turtle Beach’s headsets through the lens of their best models. By the end of this comparison, we are sure that you will have found the right headset for you.

HyperX Cloud X vs Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

For this comparison, it would be a fool’s task to try and compare both brands as a whole. Instead, we are going to be taking a look at two of their best products and see how they hold up against one another. Before we jump straight into the comparison, let us first introduce our contestants.

HyperX Cloud X

HyperX has really set the standard when it comes to high-quality headsets, mostly thanks to the superb construction of their products as well as their comfort levels, sound quality, and reasonable prices. The HyperX Cloud X takes all those elements even further and really cranks up the notch in terms of construction and sturdiness.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Turtle Beach may have existed in the shadow of HyperX before, but their Elite range has seen a boost in the brand’s popularity thanks to the superb quality of these products. The Atlas embodies all of the best things of Elite and has actually been cited as truly providing a tactical edge in games.

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Pros and Cons

For the purposes of clarity and structure, we feel that there is no better – or easier – way of comparing these two products than with a list of all of their pros and cons.

HyperX Cloud X

The HyperX Cloud X has plenty of things to love about it and only one small gripe.


  • High-quality construction, as to be expected with HyperX
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Price is very appealing – great value for money


  • No customizability, meaning what you see is what you get, and nothing more

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Like the Cloud X, the Elite Atlas has plenty of great features on display (more so, in fact) but has one major con, which may be enough to turn away some people.


  • Great construction making it a more than sturdy device
  • Sound profile specifically designed with gaming in mind
  • Customization options for personalization
  • The price is affordable for most people


  • Pricey, to say the least – sure to leave a dent in your wallet

Technical Details

When it comes to the way these two headsets are built, there is plenty of overlap and very little difference. The most notable discrepancies between the Cloud X and the Elite Atlas are the sizes of their speakers, with the former’s coming in at 53 mm, and the latter’s at 50 mm. The Elite Atlas also has a slightly bassier frequency response, able to reach as low as 12Hz.

Other than those two minor differences, Turtle Beach also works directly with game developers to calibrate their headsets’ sound profiles. As such, things are typically a little easier to hear when you come equipped with a Turtle Beach, but in general, the differences can easily be missed by your average player.

Because of these specially-calibrated sound profiles, if you plan on using your Turtle Beach for anything other than gaming, the sound might seem just a little bit off, but it should not hinder your experience too much.

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HyperX Cloud X Specs

  • Speaker: 53mm neodymium
  • Frequency response: 15Hz to 25kHz
  • Connection: 3.5 mm
  • Compatibility: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile
  • Price: $80

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Specs

  • Speaker: 50mm neodymium
  • Frequency response: 12Hz to 20kHz
  • Connection: 3.5 mm
  • Compatibility: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile
  • Price: $90

HyperX Cloud X vs Turtle Beach Elite Atlas: Which Should You Choose?

If price is not an issue, there is a clear winner here, that being the HyperX Cloud X, which delivers on great quality at a lower cost. However, if the price is an issue, then the definitive choice of which would be a better purchase becomes a lot more difficult.

Both headsets are more than capable of delivering excellent sound in a sturdy package. The Elite Atlas can provide a slight tactical advantage if you take multiplayer matches very seriously, but otherwise, the difference in sound is nigh imperceptible.

Honestly, when it comes to making this choice, it will largely come down to personal preference. If you appreciate devices that allow you to customize them, then the Elite Atlas is probably for you. But if you are not too concerned with how your headset looks, then either choice would be a good one.

Because the Elite Atlas offers a slight tactical advantage over other headsets, we will recommend that one in general, but the simplicity and price of the Cloud X can easily make it a more appealing option.

Final Thoughts

So now that you have gone through our guide Hyperx vs Turtle Beach: A Headset Comparison, you hopefully have a better idea of what you are dealing with. What you have here are two great headsets, both of which would be worth your money if you had plenty to spare. But at this point, we are sure that you have made up your mind, and in either case, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.


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