Review – Ice Orb Floating Speaker – Features & Design

Ice Orb Floating Speaker

Ice Orb is a portable Bluetooth speaker that floats. Yes, that’s right. A floating wireless Bluetooth speaker. That is unique and could possibly be the coolest thing you will read about today. Experiencing this product is quite magical. The Ice Orb attempts to add magic to your home and gives a theater-like listening experience. It has an amazing gadget to have and has a modern design. It produces impressively clean and clear sounds, making it a pleasure to listen to.

Ice Orb Design:

Ice Orb’s design is a bit different from the previous one. This floating Bluetooth speaker is designed with a standalone Orb and a 25mm thick circular base. It has a huge magnet that rotates the beautiful ball in the air. The magnetic base part has a brushed aluminium surface that has a satisfying to touch. This futuristic sound system has red, white and blue lights, which can be changed by the user. The blue LED accent the thing that goes around it. It is very attractive. Actual speakers that are visible on the inside of body will definitely remind you characters from Pokemon.

Ice Orb Features:

Ice Orb has a micro USB port for charging. It sits right between the poser button and the Bluetooth button. This is enabled by ICE’s design which focuses on its revolutionary next generation Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism. This Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism indicates the stability of the orb while floating on its base at a height of around 10mm. Four blue LEDs decorate the gadget, which light up when plugged in. These LEDs also guide the user to line up the speaker properly. The center being the sweet spot when all the four LEDs  are solid. It will begin to suspend in the air, thanks to its powerful magnetic technology. It just looks mesmerising. You can use the ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker via Bluetooth, NFC, or an Aux input. We appreciate its connectivity functions because it’s convenient and easy. Near Field Communication (NFC) support makes it easier to pair devices.

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You must also know that its base also serves as a charging dock that does not only allow the Orb to float on it. While being plugged into a direct power source, you can also connect your smartphones or other devices via its USB port turning your super awesome flotation device into a full-fledged charging station. It is nice, right? Plus it also has other amazing features such as impressive 360-degree sound quality. This means that with the ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker, you will absolutely hear clear and detailed sound from all directions. Aside from having clear and detailed sound, we also found it to have clean output and no distortions even at maximum volume. This is freaking awesome. You can also use it as a standalone speaker so you can bring it anywhere you want without including its base. It is necessary to keep the Orb, at least, seven inches away from other electronics, such as your smartphone or computer. The only concerns are there are no volume buttons.

The device itself is pretty small, and while the sound is good for the size, it’s not the best sounding Bluetooth speaker on the market. It was not made to be one, the look is what distinguishes it from other speakers.