Lenovo Smartphones to Have Android 6.0 Marshmallow by June Next Year

Lenovo Smartphones

For its latest range of smartphones, Lenovo is planning to roll out Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates by June 2016. The company also seems to be working on getting the same update for its more affordable handsets in September next year. The said smartphones likely to get the update during September are K3 Note, A7000 and A7000 plus.

An Android upgrade matrix page claims that Lenovo could very well be releasing the update for its mid-range Vibe S1 And Vibe S2. All five of the above mentioned handsets are running on the ‘outdated to an extent’ Android Lollipop operating system and the new updates will spark a new life in the phones. The delay which is going on with Lenovo is not very surprising as the Chinese vendors are known to be late on getting the latest updates from time to time. The prime reason being their deeper level of customization, but even if that’s the case, the updates should have been there before June 2016 in any case.

Lenovo is taking a really long time to adapt new updates which can further harm their position in the market. But somehow, the Lenovo users are now at relief as they finally got a date to update their phones. It is a wide known fact that Google releases the new update for the Android at its I/O developer conference that takes place in June every year. The next year is supposed to be the year when the latest version Android N would be released, so we can assume that Lenovo is a full-year late in adapting the latest Android platform.

However, another fact to keep in mind is that the update for the Lenovo sets which is due in June could very well be happening earlier than scheduled as the ‘Release Date’ column in the matrix says that it is ‘scheduled to change’. This means a good news for the Lenovo fan boys as the updates could be arriving earlier, but as it’s a case with Lenovo many times, nothing is certain.

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The Android Marshmallow update will be taking place as an OTA update and it would be bringing some amazing features like Google Now on Tap and Doze mode along with a new version of Vibe UI.

While Lenovo is running late, it’s competitor Huawei announced quite recently that its much touted Honor range of smartphones is getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in February. In the forthcoming months, Marshmallow will also be making a big entry in some of the flagship offerings by the biggies such as HTC, Samsung and Sony.

Lenovo has been slammed for the delay in getting the update quite a lot and in the highly competitive market; this slight delay can cause a lot of harm.