Microsoft Edge Browser Usage will give you Incentives

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Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and merged into the company’s Windows 10 operating systems, replacing Internet Explorer as the default web browser on all device classes.

The company says that it is designed to be a lightweight web browser with a layout engine built around web standards.

Microsoft Edge browser contains a combined Adobe Flash Player and a PDF reader.

Edge does not support legacy technologies such as ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects.

Edge integrates with Microsoft’s online platforms: it incorporates with the Cortana digital assistant,  to provide voice control, search functionality, and dynamic, custom-made information linked to searches within the address bar.

Users can make footnotes to web pages that can be stored and shared with OneDrive. You can download this browser from the official Microsoft site.

Software giant Microsoft once ruled the browser game with Internet Explorer, a forerunner to Microsoft Edge. In an effort to make people migrate to Microsoft Edge, the company will now pay you to use the browser, which the company claims can last longer than its Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera counterparts.

According to Microsoft, Microsoft Edge can deliver 36-53 percent extra battery life while doing regular tasks, as well as watching videos on YouTube, surfing the Internet, or checking in with friends on social networks.

Microsoft Rewards:

Microsoft offers points for using Microsoft Edge and Bing, as well as shopping at the Microsoft store. You have to make Bing, a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, your default search engine to earn points in its revamped rewards program.

Points can be traded in for vouchers or credits to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and the ad-free version of three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not using the Edge browser, the report noted.

Over the last decade, on the other hand, Microsoft Edge has seen a large collapse in usage as alternatives such as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox have multiplied popularity and Internet Explorer disastrous to keep up with the expectations of users.

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