Mystery Behind Apple 9:41am Clock Show up In All iPhones

Apple’s 9:41 am Clock Mystery

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If you are the observant types, you must have noticed that Apple Ads and commercials always display 9:41 AM on the phone’s home screen. And, in case you haven’t, go through their commercials and you’ll see that in each ad, the devices display the same time – 9:41 AM.

Can You Think Of A Reason:

If you think there can’t be a logical reason behind it, you need to rethink. You’ll be surprised to know that this particular time, in fact, is seized in great historic keynote presentations by Steve Jobs.

This tradition of iPhone and iPad Ads showing 9:41 AM had kicked off from 2007 in Macworld Conference and Expo when Steve Jobs was officially announcing the launch of Apple products by giving a keynote presentation.

While rehearsing for this presentation, Jobs had anticipated the time for the slide of newly launched iPhone was going to appear on the main screen at around 9:41 AM. So, to show the real time for the audience, he instructed his management team to prepare the device showing 9:41 AM.

This shows Steve Jobs accuracy of calculation during the presentation of the world’s first ever Apple product. And, accurately the iPhone was launched at the exact time. Steve Jobs had given a very interesting and eye-catching presentation to the public gathered. As he began to announce the launch of the first ever iPhone, he started his speech with these mesmerising words, “THIS IS THE DAY I’VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR TWO AND A HALF YEARS.”

Being more specific, Scott Forstall, senior vice of iPhone software had also once revealed that, they design the product launch keynotes so as the big reveal of the main product happens almost around 40 minutes into the presentation. When the big image of the main product appears on the screen, they want the time shown on the big image be accurately equal to the actual time is shown on the devices of the views. So, for iPhones they have made it around 42 minutes of time which turned out pretty accurate, so as for the iPads, the time they made was 41 minutes, and there lie the magic number and the secret behind the Apple ads displaying 9:41 a.m.